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Alex Rider Season 1 Ending: Clones, SCORPIA & Yassen Explained

What happens in Alex rider season 1 finale
"Alex Rider" season 1

Season 1 of Alex Rider follows the titular character, a teenager with special skills and talent for espionage. Alex lives in London with his uncle Ian and housekeeper Jack Starbright. A seemingly ordinary banker, Ian actually works as an undercover agent for MI6’s Department of Special Operations. When Ian is tasked with an investigation into the assassination of an American businessman, Ian is killed by another Department agent, Martin Wilby. We learn that Wilby is a double agent, working with the assassin who killed the businessman — Yassen Gregorovich. Upon hearing of Ian’s death, Alex tracks down his location and notices he wasn’t killed because of an accident — as reported by the authorities. The Department director Blunt and fellow agent Mrs. Jones meet Alex.

They’re impressed by the skills that Alex possesses and offer him a job at the Department. Although reluctant at first, Alex eventually joins them in investigating his uncle’s death. Mrs. Jones and Alan Blunt recruit Alex and reveal more information about his uncle’s murder. However, the Department has to test Alex’s loyalty and his mettle, which he aces. The Department then prepares Alex to infiltrate Point Blanc — a mysterious academy replete with students belonging to wealthy families. The real plot goes into action and Alex navigates through the mysterious machinations at play at the academy. Unraveling secrets and traversing perilous terrain, Alex races against time to save the victims and his loved ones.

What happens to clone Alex in Alex rider season 1

Alex at the end of season 1

Let’s now delve into all that the ending of “Alex Rider” season 1 entails. Spoilers ahead!

Alex Rider Season 1 Ending Explained

To blend in with the crowd at Point Blac, Alex’s current disposition is a clear standout. The Department creates a new identity for Alex — one where he’s a spoiled brat from a wealthy family. Alex adapts to this new identity well, something that his best friend Tom has a hard time accepting. However, when Alex briefs him on what is going on, Tom understands. Meanwhile, Wilby continues to meet Yassen and brief him intel on the Department’s activities. Alex gets into Point Blanc and begins his investigation while maintaining a perfect cover. He makes some friends but notices some of them distance themselves from the rest of the group. Alex soon starts noticing that his friends at Point Blanc are starting to become and act weird, joining the outcasts of the group one by one.

Kyra and James, Alex’s friends and the only other two left in the group who still act normal notice the weirdness too. Earlier, Alex and his friends had all seen the same weird dream where they were operated on. James suggests escaping the academy but is captured by Dean Eva and taken to her office. The next day, James starts acting weird too. Kyra suggests breaking out of the academy immediately but Alex’s investigations aren’t over. Meanwhile, the Department learns about Martin’s double-agent status and tries to capture him. However, before they can, Yassen kills him. Yassen also comes across Alex at the academy by chance as well. Meanwhile, Alex and Kyra investigate and find that the second floor has exact replicas of the rooms of students.

The Secrets of Point Blanc

Later, Alex investigates more and discovers that the Director of Point Blanc, Dr. Greif, is creating a clone army of all the students at the academy. Alex sees that the originals have been imprisoned. Dr. Greif captures Alex and he learns that Dr. Greif’s cloning plan involves reshaping the world by planting his clones in all major industries. Alex eventually manages to break free with the help of Kya. Eva chases him down but Alex manages to get rid of her.

The Department aids him in escaping Eva and later she dies in an explosion. Alex then informs the Department about the clones. The Department moves ahead and frees all the imprisoned clones with Kyra helping out. The Department arrests all the clones as well. However, when it seems that everything has resolved, we see one remaining clone emerge. We learn that this remaining clone is Alex’s copy. Meanwhile, Yassen disposes of Dr. Greif.

Who plays Kyra in Alex Rider

Alex and Kyra at Point Blanc

Alex Rider Season 1 Ending — Alex Vs Clone

The ending of Alex Rider season 1 sees a thrilling showdown between Alex and his clone. Episode 8 of “Alex Rider” season 1 sees Alex’s clone steal Alex’s fake passport and rushing off to exact his vengeance upon him for stealing his family. In the finale, Alex’s clone arrives at the school and immediately starts creating problems for Alex. He starts by his mischievous plot of creating strife in his relationships with Tom and Ayisha by upsetting them. The real Alex meets an upset and angry Tom and doesn’t understand why he’s mad at him. Later, at the school dance, Alex’s clone takes Tom to an empty room and beats him up. He records himself beating Tom and sends the video to Alex, warning him that he must come to him within 4 minutes or he kills Tom.

Alex runs to save Tom while the Department discovers that Alex’s clone is out and about. Alex and his clone confront each other and fight. Their fight eventually leads them outside the campus and the Department arrives. However, the agents get confused and can’t tell the clone apart from the original Alex. Thankfully, Tom returns and without hesitation swings a baseball bat at the clone. The agents detain him but he manages to snatch one of their guns and points it at Alex.

However, at the last moment, Yassen snipes at the clone, shooting him dead. An interesting thing happens afterward, Yassen could easily shoot the original Alex as well, but doesn’t, for some inexplicable reason. Season 2 may delve into these mysterious reasons as to why Yassen didn’t pull the trigger when he could.

How did Tom Know Who the Real Alex Was?

During the climactic sequence of Alex Rider Season 1 ending, we saw Mrs. Jones and other agents rush to the school after realizing that they might’ve brought in Alex’s clone from Point Blanc. However, when they reach the school campus, they encounter Alex and his clone fighting each other. The problem is, they don’t know who is the real Alex between the two. So begins the age-old trope of two identical people claiming to be the real person. Thankfully, Tom comes up to the rescue and doesn’t think for a second before clubbing the clone Alex with a baseball bat with plenty of conviction and spite.

How does he know who the clone Alex is though? Well, that feat can be easily chalked up to the years of close friendship he has had with Alex. The two are practically brothers and so it is not difficult to imagine that he would be familiar with even the most micro expressions and movements of Alex. However, that may give rise to another question: how did he then not realize it before? That also has an explanation. Tom and Alex had been subjected to some incredibly stressful and traumatic events up till that point. Even if Alex seemed to be acting a bit off, Tom might have most probably thought of it as an aftereffect of the trauma he’s gone through.

Who plays to in Alex rider

Alex (Otto Farrant) and Tom (Brenock O’Connor) in “Alex Rider” season 1

Alex Rider Season 1 Ending — What is SCORPIA?

One of the major threads that Alex Rider Season 1 left loose at its ending is the shadowy organization called SCORPIA which Yassen belongs. The organization, earlier believed by the DSO to have been dissolved, has been working behind the scenes all this time. SCORPIA is actually the main puppet master pulling all the plot strings in the whole season. There is a lot of mist surrounding this organization of chaos. We already know what it’s capable of, with only one of their men being able to cause such chaos.

Alex gets to know about SCORPIA when he tells Mrs. Jones about the man with the scar he met — Yassen. That’s when she realizes that the organization still exists. She then shows Alex a picture of Yassen with someone else with a blurred face. She gives him some exposition regarding SCORPIA. However, we only get a tease of what’s to come. Season 2 of Alex Rider is set to explore more about this organization, as well as Yassen’s backstory. Additionally, SCORPIA also connects to the death of Alex’s parents. So it’s inevitable that it will play an integral role in the series moving forward.

Who plays Yassen in Alex rider

Yassen Gregorovich meets Alex at Point Blanc in season 1

Who Is Alex’s Father?

The man with the blurred face besides Yassen in the picture that Mrs. Jones shows Alex raises some curiosity. One of the possibilities entails that man to turn out to be Alex’s father. This further raises some more pertinent questions. Was Alex’s father a part of SCORPIA? Was his father Yassen’s friend? Why was his father with Yassen in that picture? These are some of the big questions that sequence leaves us with. For the time being, Alex is being kept in dark regarding his father by Alan Blunt. The DSO director also wants Alex to keep working for them. This means that Alex will not be getting to enjoy his break from the world of espionage for long. Season 2 will see him plunging back into the perilous world and learning the truth about his parents.

What Will Kyra Do?

Kyra’s fate is also one of the things that season 1 leaves ambiguous. After learning about her parent’s death, she has set out to find who was behind it. Her paths are bound to cross with Alex’s, it’s an inevitability. It also sets up perfectly for Kyra and Alex to eventually meet and uncover secrets about SCORPIA together.

Alex Rider Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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