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Alex Greenwood Boyfriend: Who Is The English Footballer Dating?

Alex Greenwood Dating
Alex Greenwood

Who is Alex Greenwood’s Boyfriend? The professional footballer “Alex Greenwood” plays for the Football Association Women’s Super League team Manchester City. She is also part of the England national team. On September 7, 1993, she was born in Liverpool, England. Her jersey number is 27 that serves as a left-back and is also called a defender. She is also a member of other English clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, and Notts County. Alex started her career at Everton, located in Liverpool, England. She also played for a French women’s soccer club called Olympique Lyonnais.

The England left-back got a rather adverse reaction when she signed a deal with Manchester City after joining Manchester United. Many fans turned to her social networks to call her a traitor and a snake. However, she didn’t take it seriously. In 2019, Alex Greenwood had spotted with false eyelashes and thick mascara on her face during a game against England versus Scotland. Many people criticized the young talent’s appearance, saying that she should spend less time on her false eyelashes and focus more on her game. Greenwood retired from the England team in 2019 due to injury.

Alex Greenwood Boyfriend

Well, Alex Greenwood has a long-standing relationship with her boyfriend, an English footballer named Jack O’Connell. Jack played in the Premier League for Sheffield United. The footballer is originally from Liverpool and, like his girlfriend, served in the England national team. He was also born in Liverpool and played for several well-known clubs. Plus, Greenwood was older than her boyfriend. The duo first met in college, so they were college sweethearts.

Alex Greenwood

Alex Greenwood

They have been together for almost five years. However, there is no news about wedding bells or pregnancy. Both players focus on their careers as of now. Greenwood recently signed a three-year contract with Manchester City, so news of her marriage and children has yet to emerge.

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Alex Greenwood Early Life and Education:

Greenwood was born in Liverpool, which was situated in England. As a little girl, she watched football matches with her father. Since football is a trendy sport in England, so it attracted her very much towards it. Alex has always been passionate about the sport, and her love of football has grown accordingly. Despite the unequal pay and discrimination, her parents were very supportive of her career choice. When Alex was a child, she used to go to play football with the neighboring boy. She said that, unlike many girls, she was not discriminated against on the ground that she was a soccer player.

Since then, she has become an expert at it and has grown her enthusiasm towards this sport more. The athlete had studied at a local school in her hometown. She is sporty and takes part in soccer tournaments. After graduation, she went on to SavioSalesian College to earn her degree in graduation.

Alex Greenwood Career

Alex’s love of the game led her to Everton Football Club at the age of eight. Greenwood trained very hard and gave her everything to the game. Finally, she started getting good at it. Alex made her professional football debut on August 5 at the age of 17. In the 2010 match, she played against a Faroese football club from Klaksvík named KI Klaksvík Kvinnur. Apart from that, she also played in the FA Women’s Cup final, where Arsenal defeated them. Then she moved to Liverpool. In early 2016, Liverpool signed a contract with the left-back. She played three seasons for the club and was with them for two years. After ending her career at Liverpool, she joined the English club Manchester United. The team announced her as their captain for their first season on July 13, 2018.

Alex Greenwood

Footballer Alex Greenwood

Alex Greenwood Net Worth & Social Media Presence

Alex Greenwood’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. In addition, her salary as an experienced player can exceed $50,000, and she is also a Nike athlete. Despite the unequal pay in the men’s and women’s soccer leagues, she still loves the game and plays with all her heart. Not to mention but her boyfriend’s net worth will be nearly $4 million in 2021. He also earns $67,000 per season at Sheffield United. He also owns a house and owns several expensive cars.

Greenwood is on Instagram with 248,000 followers. She is pretty active on her account and has less than 100 posts. However, she usually shares her football life, teammates, and in-game highlights. In addition, this athlete also shares quotes from training and workouts. The footballer is also found on Twitter with over 78,000 followers. She created her social media account on Twitter in August 2009 and has more than 2,589 tweets. The former United player is very popular with young athletes. She tweets and retweets mainly about football and her team highlights.

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