Akkun to Kanojo Episode 22 Where to Watch, Preview Stills and Synopsis


Episode 21 of Akkun to Kanojo Recently aired on 24th August, with the story continuing as Konagi fell in love with her teacher Kubomura during her middle school days when she did a high school tour. Since Konagi entered the high school without any problems, she has eagerly been following Kubomora every day.

Now, when we have the spoilers and synopsis of Episode 22; we can know what actually is going to happen in Episode 22 of Akkun to Kanojo aka My Sweet Tyrant. The release date for Episode 22 of Akkunto Kanojo is 22:30, 31st August 2018 (Japan Standard Time) Now, without any more delays let us look at the leaks we’ve got.

Akkun to Kanojo Episode 22

Title: Start Line

Synopsis: Masago Matsuo has come to Chiho’s house, even though there were no plans regarding this. And, this is exactly when Chiho starts to behave strangely. Even though she doesn’t like Matsuo at all, she just grabs his hand and pulls him inside, with tears in her eyes, she talks to him. It looks her feelings did change Well; we’ll get to see all this in this episode.

Release Date: 31st August 2018.

Akkun to Kanojo Episode 22 Leaked Images :

Where to Watch Akkun to Kanojo Episode 22?

If you want to watch Akkun to Kanojo, make sure you are watching it on the official website, because that helps the creators, therefore more seasons and better animation of your favorite anime.