Akira Toriyama Totally Forget About An Important Thing Again


Akira Toriyama might be well known for three things, his Dragon Ball series, the vast war of Canons from fans, and his inconsistent and forgetful mind. Just like what he said in an interview once, Toyotaro knows more about Dragon Ball series than him. And it with memory lapses that even caused Super Saiyan 2 to be forgotten by the creator, it seems like the number one fan will really beat the creator when it comes to Dragon Ball.

Toriyama’s forgetfulness is already a consistent pun in the whole DB fanverse, kinda like that over 9,000 Vegeta meme. Though sometimes it was because of Toriyama’s forgetfulness that makes a concept or a character disappear, sometimes, a concept becomes too useless for the plot to continue being relevant.

dragon ball super episode 114

One of the concepts that are forgotten is the Zenkai Boost, which makes a Saiyan powerful after a near-to-death experience. Power levels, which was a big plot device during the Frieza Saga was also useless now that power scaling is irrelevant in Dragon Ball Super. And even new concepts are being disregarded now in the Tournament of Power.

The concept of God-Ki and its effect is now being depreciated in the Tournament of Power. God-Ki was introduced as the aura that cannot be beaten by standard Ki. The first inconsistency that breaks this concept is when Goku uses God Ki to revive Master Roshi. This is just my thoughts, but if Master Roshi cannot use God-Ki, then Goku cannot transfer God-Ki to him. It would make sense if Goku used the standard Ki, but he was using Super Saiyan Blue back then and SSB uses God Ki.

Another inconsistency is Goku’s fight against Jiren itself. It was never mentioned that Jiren is a God-Ki user, or if he just has a tremendous amount of standard Ki. But the fact that Jiren’s Ki was able to damage Goku on his Super Saiyan Blue makes everything a wreck and trying to understand things will give you a headache.

If standard Ki users can take a God Ki user, then the broken God Ki concept will make the Power Scaling more difficult. Because if this is the case, Frieza might actually give Beerus quite an exercise. Though this inconsistency somehow gives an explanation as to why Goku can easily beat Shin but had a hard time defeating Fused Zamasu. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. What do you think?


New and Updated – Top 10 Strongest Warriors In Tournament Of Power

This Tournament of Power has shown us the true meaning of what is to be like holding Godly powers. Despite this, the Saga is meant to be finding out strongest elites warrior from each Universe. Here are, Tournament of Power’s Top 10 most Strongest Fighters.

Note: This list is based on actions performed by warriors so far in tournament of power.

10 Gohan

Son Gohan was never a fighter but when he was forced to train he would modify faster than everybody else. Gohan kept up with Goku and others since was a baby. You can see just a training session with Goku during the cell-saga he became the strongest fighter.

9. Piccolo

Piccolo has been training all these years and it’s safe to say that he’s above Gohan.

8. Android 17

17 has shown some severe brain in this arc and has pulled off some classic five-star fighters. He is fully aware of his capabilities and has shown a fighting sense beyond expectations against the other Universe fighters.

7. Dyspo

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Dyspo

Dyspo is seen as one of the trump-cards for Universe 11’s possible victory in the Tournament due to his ridiculous speed, him being the Pride Troopers likely second fastest member, behind Jiren.

6. Golden Frieza

Frieza has been training his stamina problem with his Golden form, and he is likely a lot stronger than before. Even back then, he was able to match, if not overpower both Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue form.

5. Toppo

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Adds Female Saiyans Toppo!

He is one of the dominant fighters of Pride Troopers.  Toppo himself said that he is only second to Jiren himself. He has fought Goku in SSJ and destroyed him. In Super Saiyan Blue, he was able to rival him entirely, and even Goku was unsure if he could beat him.

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