Akira Toriyama To Supervise Dragon Ball Super’s Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

It was recently announced that Dragon Ball Super was going to continue even after the Broly movie. Back when Dragon Ball Super anime ended, we were told that the manga was going to continue for now. However, we didn’t know whether it was going to continue after the Tournament of Power or not.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc Villain

Surprisingly, the Tournament of Power wrapped up quite quickly, and just when we thought that we may be seeing a manga adaptation of the Broly movie, we found out that a completely new arc, called the “Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc” was going to begin in the manga.

Dragon Ball Super Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc Spoilers

Thanks to Toyotaro, we have further details on the arc now. He says that he’s collaborating with Akira Toriyama himself, and he’s getting a lot of praise for this arc. As expected, this arc is manga-original and will follow a completely new story. Toyotaro goes on further to hype up the characters like Merus, who is a part of the Galactic Patrol. He also hyped up the villain who has escaped, and apparently, this guy is going to be very interesting. Let’s see what Toyotaro has to deliver!

Here’s the synopsis for the next arc of Dragon Ball Super:
“After the Tournament of Power concludes, Goku and Vegeta are training together when all of a sudden Bulma passes on a message to them from Mister Satan. Apparently, there are some strange guys at his place who are trying to kidnap Buu while he’s asleep. Goku and Vegeta head to the place Immediately, and they find the group taking the sleeping Majin Buu with them on their ship. The leader of the ship recognizes both Goku and Vegeta, and he quickly uses his Anesthesia Gun to knock them out. When Goku and Vegeta wake up, they find themselves in the HQ of the Galactic Patrol. Jaco can also be seen there. Merus is the guy who kidnapped them, and he’s the Number 1 patrolman in charge of 104 districts. He tells Goku and Vegeta about the escape of a certain prisoner. This prisoner needs to be captured, but for that, they need the help of the Daikaioshin who Buu absorbed years ago.”

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