Akira Toriyama Don’t Want Vegito In Dragon Ball Super

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Vegito is one of the most powerful characters in the whole Dragon Ball franchise. In a sense, he is the perfect version of Vegeta and Goku, canceling the two warrior’s individual fatal flaws. And with Super Saiyan Blue, Vegito was able to surpass even Lord Beerus, at least in the manga.

Because of Vegito being a powerful character as well as a comical one, he became a fan favorite back then on the Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z. He was even more popular now that he appeared in the Future Trunks saga of Dragon Ball Super. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito is a God-tier warrior. So in every major event where Goku and Vegeta are around, like the Tournament of Power, fans are hoping that they will see the funny fusion warrior in action again. And perhaps, more powerful than before.

With the revelation that Potara Earrings could be used in the Tournament of Power, fans are hyped for his appearance more than ever. But it seems like fans should not hope for his appearance that much. Fans might want him inside the world of void, but his appearance will still be based on Akira Toriyama’s decision.

And because Akira Toriyama is in charge, as usual, we might not actually see Vegito in the Tournament of Power. Vegito was actually meant to be a one-shot character. HIs first and last appearance were supposed to be in his fight against Buu. But because DB is famous for its fan service, we got Vegito Blue in the Zamasu arc.

The newest manga of Dragon Ball Super hit the shelves recently. And together with the launch, Toyotaro and Toriyama gave a lengthy interview about the Future Trunks saga. Toriyama also shared some of his insights about his villains and of course, about Vegito.

“Their personalities made any fusion after the Majin Buu arc impossible. However, I wanted to meet the readers’ expectations… And so, I made a scenario where “even if they shouldn’t really fuse, now they have absolutely no choice but to fuse.” Toriyama revealed.

It was not only that, as the interview also highlighted Toriyama’s effort in making an improvement to his villains. The villains of the past anime are straightly evil that fans will not feel sorry if they are beaten. But for Zamasu, his character is more complex than the usual, and the two authors are proud of their work on him,


Dragon Ball Team Reveals Worst Storyline Changes By Akira Toriyama

I’m here with another blog and according to our sources, the following things were revealed; Just before starting I would like to tell you guys that all these points I’m going to include are completely legit and aren’t made up. So, without doing anymore delays lets come back to the main topic, The worst story line changes in Dragon Ball Super done by its creator, Akira Toriyama and staff (Story-writers)

There was a team of 10-12 members (along with Akira Toriyama) who originally proposed the Story-line for Dragon Ball Super but as we all know, the main protagonist of an Anime is its creator, same goes for Dragon Ball Super. The creator, Akira Toriyama made some big changes into that original story-line which proposed by other story writers of Dragon Ball Super. The following points are either revealed by the creator himself or some of the staff members.

Kale- Legendary Super Saiyan from Universe 11.

Kale was originally supposed to be a member of Team Universe 11 but later on, she was replaced as The story writer and content creator wanted same kind of creature/beings to exist only in the pair universes. And, as we already saw in the opening; Kale was standing with other 4 warriors from Universe 11 which was later on described as ‘Team U11’s revealed fighter’.

dragon ball super episode 115 goku vs kafla kefla

However, when It was revealed that Kale is the second female saiyan (with the power to transform into a saiyan and go berserk) from Universe 6, our sources interviewed the creator and got an answer ‘It was just an animation mistake, some other member of Universe 11 was supposed to be here’

The Original Design of Super Saiyan God Transformation

The original design of Super Saiyan God Transformation was designed to have White Hair but the creator didn’t like this idea much and named his original design as a Fan Art , which is not true at all. According to Tada Yoshiyama Moro ( A member from the Jury ) , He was going to portray Goku with White hair and a more muscular body.

Mystic Gohan Was Meant to be Back in Black Goku Arc 

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The posts getting viral on internet focused on ‘#MakeGohanGreatAgain’ were focused by one jury member of the story writing team, later, the idea was proposed in the meeting of story writers and the animators; unfortunately, to increase the craze of Mystic Gohan, Akira postponed the comeback of him.

Zamasu was Originally Supposed to be killed by Vegeta 

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