Airpods 2 Release Date In USA, UK, and Australia

People have been waiting for the release of AirPods 2 since forever. It was expected that we might get news about them in Apple’s September launch event. But, there was no news about them. Apple announced their new smartphones. iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR were revealed in the event. Despite the lack of news about AirPods, fans don’t need to be saddened just yet.

Apple has actually announced a special press event on October 30, and it raises the possibility of new announcement related to AirPods coming out. It has been over two years since AirPods were released. This would be a really good time to actually update stuff. This event will most likely be for the announcement of the new iPad Pro, and MacBook. The event will primarily focus on these things. So, the announcement about AirPods would be something of an afterthought.

A lot of people believe that AirPods might not be released this year. There are reports which predict that the new version of AirPods might be released in 2019. However, it looks highly unlikely that we have to wait again for so long for AirPods.

AirPods made their debut back when Apple launched iPhone 7. Apple ditched the headphone jack, and they came up with AirPods to make up for the loss of the headphone jack. The price of the new AirPods would be close to the previous ones. So, it would be priced at $159 / £159 / AU$229.

Apple will definitely be looking to improve on the previous build. There are rumors that AirPods 2 will be water-resistant. It is also expected that the old AirPods will be getting a wireless charging case. There will also be a “Hey, Siri” feature. This will allow the users to summon Siri without tapping.

So far, there are just rumors and no solid proof that Apple is going to release AirPods anytime soon. But, as I said there is a special event coming up, and that might be a time when Apple announces the new AirPods.

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