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AI Romantic (2021) Episode 18: Release Date & Preview

AI Romantic (2021) Episode 18 Release Date
AI Romantic (2021), Hong Kong Drama

AI Romantic (2021) is an ongoing Hong Kong drama broadcasting on the TVB Jade channel. In this article, we will cover AI Romantic (2021) Episode 18 release date. The drama will make you wonder about the connection between humans and machines. What if a robot falls in love with a human being? Is it even possible? Well, the HK drama is making it possible. AI Romantic (2021) starred Ali Lee, Billy Luk, Crystal Fung, Angelina Lo, Ram Chiang, Kelvin Kwan, Tyson Chak, C Kwan, etc. The story revolves around an AI robot and an employee. Thus, a tale begins when a man-made machine robot falls in love with a human, changing all rules of nature.

The Honk Kong drama AI Romantic (2021) is a sci-fi rom-com drama. It is currently airing in Hong Kong, Macao as well as in Malaysia at the same time. The story has progressed, crossing half of the drama. Even now, in the era of Asian Drama, not many Hong Kong dramas are known on the international level. However, AI Romantic (2021) was able to break through the barrier and made it internationally. Maybe the storyline is what made it famous. Various fans even praising the cast for performing their role wonderfully. The drama shows how a robot and a human forge an unbreakable bond while going against all nature’s rules. 

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AI Romantic (2021) Episode 18 Release Date

AI Romantic (2021) Episode 18 will be released on 26 August 2021 at 9.30 pm HKT on Jade Terrace (TVB Jade Channel- Hong Kong and Macao) and Astro AOD (Malaysia). The drama premiered on 3 August 2021, and it contains 30 episodes in total. So far, 17 episodes have been released; each episode runs for 45min. Its episode schedule has changed, and now every new episode release on Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm HKT. Only the last episode of the drama will release on Saturday at the same given timing. 

AI Romantic (2021) Episode 18 Release Date

Ali Lee as A Bou in AI Romantic (2021)

Hong Kong, Macao, and Malaysia viewers can watch it directly on the given original networks. Unfortunately for international viewers, the drama is not available on any official streaming sites. However, you can watch it on some unofficial sites such as Dramacool, Dramanice, etc. AI Romantic (2021) was previously premiered on 23 April 2021 on myTV Gold and TVB Anywhere. Therefore all 30 raw episodes are available on the unofficial websites. But note that not all episodes are English subbed. Watch AI Romantic (2021) to see how a robot and human write a romantic story unbeknown to the world. 

Plot Summary 

AI Romantic is a science-fiction romantic comedy-drama. The drama begins as A Bou, a high-end intelligent person, loses her way after leaving the factory. This sudden turn of events lands A Bou in a world full of weird ordinary people. Koo Ka Yim/William, on the other hand, is an employee of Singularity, an artificial intelligence company. He finds and takes A Bou his home. Initially, Koo Ka Yim wants to use A Bou as an assistant to his four family members. However, as they spend time together, A Bou becomes their family member. 

AI Romantic (2021) Episode 18 Release Date

A Bou, Koo Ka Yim, and Ma Ka Lei from AI Romantic (2021)

A Bou is no different. To help family members in an unexpected mission, A Bou activates the self-learning mode and experiences all the emotions and desires of human nature. Eventually, A Bou falls in love with Koo Ka Yim. However. their love story does not seem to go smoothly as her love river Ma Ka Lei/Dorian makes sure to destroy A Bou at work and in private. Their problem does not end here. At that moment, A Bou discovers a computer virus in her system, and her life span is counting down.

The Cast of AI Romantic (2021)

The drama cast various talented actors and actresses such as Ali Lee as A Bou/Abby, Billy Luk as Koo Ka Yim/William, Crystal Fung as Ma Ka Lei/Dorian as main leads. The supporting cast members include Angelina Lo as Man Hing Dun, Ram Chiang as Koo Chun, Kelvin Kwan as Siu Chung Hei/Bruce, Tyson Chak as Rocky, C Kwan as Fok Biu, Jessica Kan as So Nga Ting/Carrie, Ken Law as K, etc. It is Ali Lee’s first come back of the year 2021, and she has delivered outstanding performance by acting as an AI robot. Even though there were some dramas with a similar concept, AI Romantic still receiving pretty good reviews. Thus, watch AI Romantic (2021) Episode 18 and see how A Bou and Koo Ka Yim will overcome every obstacle while falling in love with each other. 

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