AHS: American Horror Story Season 8 ‘Apocalypse’ Release Date On Netflix

Ever since the premiere of season 8 Apocalypse of American Horror Story yesterday, fans who are also subscribers of Netflix like yours truly are getting impatient for the show’s release on Netflix. Maybe to some extent, this impatience is also because this season stars Emma Roberts in a main role unlike the seventh season and we are dying to see one our favorite stars in one of our favorite shows. And in this post, we will be talking everything we know about AHS Season 8 and its release date on Netflix.

AHS Season : 'Apocalypse ' On Netflix

The classic horror show created by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk gave a whole new dimension to the horror genre. Every season is basically a self-contained miniseries with different stories and characters. Many plot elements of each AHS season are even loosely inspired by true events.

The usual trend is that the previous seasons are released when the latest premieres. And that is why many of us fans are losing it.  And on top of that, the seventh season is yet to make its Netflix debut in the coming days.

AHS Season : 'Apocalypse ' On Netfli

Some fans are going so far as to even petitioning Netflix to sign a deal with FX such that the horror of horrors reaches the library of the streaming giant early.

The eighth season will feature highly anticipated crossover of earlier seasons Murder House and Coven. This season is expected to take the twisted madness and insanity to a whole new level. Thanks to that the excitement amongst the fans is at a fever high.

AHS Season : 'Apocalypse ' On Netfli

To be honest, for now, there are no indications that the eighth season is coming to Netflix anytime soon but fans can always hope. Most probably it will be added to Netflix next year around this time. But don’t lose heart, be patient my friends as all good things in life are worth waiting for.

But if your patience is at an end, you can always shell out some money and get a subscription to FX.

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