Aggretsuko Season 4: All We Know So Far

Aggretsuko Season 4
Aggretsuko Season 4

Japanese streaming comedy show Aggretsuko Season 4 recently dropped on Netflix with a super fun plot and lots of meme material. If you’re not familiar with Aggretsuko, it is an anime based on Sanrio’s —the makers of Hello Kitty— character Yeti and a mobile game. Aggretsuko grabbed so much traction in Japan they turned into a series. And with great success, just after Netflix dropped the first season it gained worldwide attention spawning all sorts of memes, gags, and jokes on the internet.

Directed and written by Rarecho and produced in Fanworks studio, Aggretsuko premiered originally on TBS. After that, it was picked up the streaming platform Netflix. Combining the modern woes of the Japanese workforce, ultra simplistic imagery, and sophisticated humor, this series will captivate you. It is an internet phenomenon that took the web by storm. And now it is on its fourth season.

Aggretsulp Season 4
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Aggretsuko Season 4 Release Date & Renewal

Aggretsuko Season 4 was released by Netflix on December 16, 2021, at 3:00 AM, Eastern Time, United States. Firstly, Season 4 consisted of ten episodes of 25 minutes run-time. Secondly, Rareko was the main scriptwriter and director for this season. Moreover, the original Japanese voice actors include Komegumi Koiwasaki (Ms. Washimi), Kaolip (Retsuko), Souta Arai (Director Tom), and Maki Tsuruta (Director Gori).

In regards to season 5, in the final episode, titled “Rendezvous”, the producers left a message that says “Retsuko will return”. Thus giving us hopes that we might see some more of this streaming comedy show. Consequently, Season 5 is confirmed by the production crew. Also, Netflix won’t let this show drop in the hands of competitors as the streaming platform giant wants to retain its throne in the entertainment game. If we consider the pandemic delays and production times, Aggretsuko season 5 might drop sometime in early 2023.

Aggretsuko Plot

25-year-old anthropomorphic red panda Retsuko works in the billing department of a Japanese brokerage firm, attempting to navigate the typical problems that young adults in 21st-century Japan face. Faced with constant frustration from bossy top management and coworkers. Retsuko vents her by singing death metal at a karaoke bar every night.

Retsuko’s misery causes her to go through a series of events that put her job at risk, force her to shift her relationships with her coworkers. And end up changing her life in unexpected ways after five years of working the daily grind. After that, she looks for ways to be happy and eventually realizes that she wants to marry and start a family one day. Unfortunately, her social anxiety, combined with her naiveté, leads to her getting into far more trouble than she anticipates, sometimes life-threatening situations.

Aggretsuko Season 4 Trailer

Where to Watch Aggretsuko?

If you want to watch Aggretsuko, then Netflix is your best —and only— option. Firstly, Aggretsuko is distributed by Netflix. Consequently, you won’t find it on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+. Luckily for everyone, Netflix is a worldwide accessible platform and the streaming giant in the market. Its ever-expanding catalog includes animes, movies, series, documentaries, and cartoons of all genres and for all ages. Starting at US$ 9 a month, you can enjoy Aggretsuko ad-free from any device as well as the rest of the Netflix catalog.

Aggretsuko Season 4
Will Aggretsuko Season 5 Happen?

Aggretsuko Season 4 Recap

Retsuko moved to a different condo after leaving the OTM Girls, and Haida drives her home every day for her safety. While Haida tries to strengthen their bond, the company is losing money due to a failed amusement park project that was turned down by Washimi and the new external director, Himuro. In addition, ton’s 30th anniversary as the financial department’s director is approaching. And Retsuko has been tasked with finding a gift for him. Fenneko tries to set up Haida and Retsuko on a date under the guise of assisting her. But Retsuko’s interactions with Manaka and Tadano intimidate him, so he makes up an excuse to leave.

Company Woes

While returning home, Haida notices the company’s president collapse near the river and assists him to a hospital. Retsuko learns from this incident that Haida had lied the night before and is disappointed. Haida confides in Fenneko late at night that he believes he is too ordinary and unworthy to be in a relationship with Retsuko, citing her relationship with Tadano and stint as an idol as examples. Haida and Retsuko learn that Himuro has been appointed the company’s new CEO, succeeding the president.

Despite Fenneko’s efforts, Retsuko and Haida’s relationship remains awkward. Ton is informed by Himuro that the company is cutting costs and that he should downsize the accounting department. Retsuko, on the other hand, finds that Fenneko and Tsunoda have been setting her up with Haida and demands a clarification. Ton consults with Komiya after work about which employee in their department must be fired. He brings Himuro an empty list the following day and afterward tells his wife that he has no actual intent of firing anyone — particularly after the accounting department survived the 1980s bubble economy collapse without firing anyone.

Ton’s Relocation

Haida learns from one of his bandmates that his girlfriend had ditched him due to his lack of career advancement. Retsuko is frustrated by Haida’s loss of faith in her relationship during a drunken night out with Fenneko. Himuro takes them to dinner as an apology for splattering a puddle on them on the way home, and they complain about Ton in their drunken stupor. Retsuko seeks advice from Manaka shortly after, who informs her that both she and Haida are entirely at odds. When Haida returns the next day to take Retsuko home. After that, she tells him that he is no longer required to do so and that she prefers they remain friends. . Himuro reassigns Ton to the “career experience design” branch based on Retsuko’s feedback. His new location is a storage facility that is separate from the company’s main building.

Ton is given no tasks, and despite his protests, Tsubone learns the truth about his situation. Tsunoda faces Retsuko about her feelings for Haida. On the advice of Okami and Gori, Retsuko visits Haida to tell him that she is interested in him, even if she is unsure about her feelings. Haida becomes more motivated at work after the two go on a date. Meanwhile, Bibanuma offers Kabae generous severance pay if she voluntarily resigns. Later, Himuro recognizes that Kabae and Ton will eventually leave on their own because the company no longer requires them. Ton considers jumping in front of a subway train as he falls into depression.

Ton’s New Job

Ton eventually quits his job, but he maintains a facade in front of his family. Kabae is working harder and is less animated than usual, which Retsuko and the others notice. When Kabae’s youngest son becomes ill, she begins missing work; however, higher management eventually persuades her to resign despite Retsuko, Haida, and Anai covering her tasks. Meanwhile, Himuro is intrigued by Haida’s work ethic and ability to complete tasks quickly.

After Himuro approves his suggestion for improving the workflow, Haida becomes more motivated to work due to the positive feedback. Retsuko discovers that Ton is now working at the grocery store while meeting with Manaka. Despite Haida, Gori, and Washimi’s assurances, Retsuko feels guilty. Himuro is impressed by Haida’s work ethic and promotes him to accounting department director, replacing Yagyu. In the meantime, Retsuko has a meeting with Tadano.

Retsuko Consults

Retsuko seeks advice from Tadano on assisting Ton, and he suggests that she use her online video channel, which she previously used to post-death metal song covers. Ton is hired as her accountant once she can monetize her YouTube channel. However, Haida feels insecure again as Retsuko’s workload increases, especially after finding her channel and seeing Tadano take her home. This causes him to become more focused on his work, and during a conversation with Himuro, the latter appoints him with a secret mission. When Retsuko returns to the office to get Ton’s air humidifier, she notices Haida’s computer, which has an open spreadsheet containing the accounting data she worked on.

As Retsuko grows suspicious of Haida, the financial department’s office is demolished, and Haida is relocated to his own suite. Haida runs into Inui after work, who advises him to pay closer attention to Retsuko. In the meantime, Retsuko enlists the assistance of Kabae, Fenneko, and Ton to break into Haida’s office and examine the data on his computer. Ton suspects Haida of pumping up profits on its books and suggests they track down the real numbers. Retsuko goes to Haida to confirm, but he is enraged that she doubts him. When Haida reports to Himuro the following day, he questions their actions, but Himuro persuades him not to waver, which would be a sign of weakness. When Washimi asks Himuro about Retsuko at dinner, he responds that he sees her compliant rather than rebellious.

Aggretsuko Season 4
Stills from Aggretsuko Season 4

Financial Investigations

Retsuko breaks into Haida’s office with the help of Hyodo, Fenneko, Kabae, Ton, and Ton’s wife to steal the accurate accounting information from a USB drive that he keeps in a safe. When Haida realizes his connection with Retsuko has deteriorated. He confronts Tadano about it, but Tadano calmly demonstrates that there is nothing more than friendship between them. Ton takes Haida to Retsuko’s karaoke booth later that night, where she tries to persuade him to stop manipulating the accounting data.

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Haida lashes out at her for his feelings of inadequacy. But she makes it clear that no one deserves to do something so heinous to prove his worth. The next day, Haida suggests to Himuro that they stop because several employees are aware. But when Himuro dismisses him and tells him that he is disposable. He finally stands up for himself and confronts him in an arm-wrestling match, telling him that while he is disposable, he is now his enemy. With a death metal growl that emerges as a laser beam, Retsuko aids Haida in defeating Himuro, causing both to be shot through a window and land on scaffolding. Himuro and Haida leave the company, while Ton, the company’s founder, and Kabae return. On the other hand, Haida is more confident in himself. And when he goes on a date with Retsuko, he can finally see Tadano admiring him.