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Again My Life: Reasons To Watch This Exciting K-Drama!

Again My Life
Again My Life

With the Korean industry recently producing some remarkable law-based K-Drama, a lot of audiences’ attention has been drawn to this genre. If you too are a big fan of K-dramas like ‘Vincenzo’ and ‘Lawless Layer’ then our precious audience you’re at the right destination. And for the newcomers as well, let’s together have a glimpse at why a new drama like ‘Again My Life’ should definitely be on your watch list.

When we come across some form of injustice in our daily lives, it literally boils our blood, but the fact that we, as commoners, lack the legal authority to do something about it is another unpleasant letdown. On top of that, knowing the loopholes existing in one’s country’s judicial system is simply such a big disappointment.

But what happens if you get the satisfaction of seeing the culprit get exactly what he deserves, won’t that just make your day better? That’s exactly how the intriguing plot of Again My Life is all set to revolve. Doesn’t that escalate your curiosity about how and on what conflict and also what kind of punishment will be served to a heinous crime that would be seen taking place?

1. Webtoon Turned Alive

A successful adaption of a webtoon is one of the most important aspects for a director when using a webtoon for their show. Because the fan following of the webtoon is already aware of the strong and enthralling plot, it’ll revolve around. But what the webtoon lacks and the show doesn’t is the way it displays the emotion through those words. Because as a reader you connect with the characters by reliving them in your own tone. Thus, it becomes the duty of the cast to deliver those strong emotions through their acting gigs. And guess what, all the characters of the show as of now have been portraying each of their roles so remarkably that it’s so difficult to control yourself until the next episode is released.

Again My Life

Again My Life

2. The Perfect Blend Of Fiction With Crime

By now, of course, you do know what the basic plot of the show will be, right? But then how is this drama different from any law-related K-dramas, isn’t it? Well, do we have a grim reaper in all the other dramas? Looks like we did catch you by surprise. Yes, you heard it right dear audience Again My Life is a unique show that not only gives you a glimpse of how the corruption in a country works and how truthful people suffer to fulfill their jobs because of it. But also a fictional drama that talks about second chances in life especially given by a grim reaper. Thus, book it in your calendars so you don’t miss the timings of this exquisite show.

Featuring the prosecutor and the grim reaper.

Featuring the prosecutor and the grim reaper

3. A Compelling Storyline

How often do we get second chances in life? We usually don’t, right? But what do you do when you get one, just so you can make that one thing right, that eventually sucked up your whole life and made it miserable to the point that even death didn’t seem inevitable? You’ll probably be the happiest person on the planet. But isn’t there a catch that we’re desperately trying to avoid? Because if it was this easy to make it right would you have been ending up in that state the first time, no right?

This is precisely the gripping storyline of Again My Life, in which our lead protagonist is given a second opportunity in life to catch that one person who now wields so much power that he is nearly regarded as a god figure. His specialty is disguising himself as an angel-like figure in front of people while committing heinous crimes beneath them. Will our lead prosecutor be able to save so many innocent victims from the vengeance of this monster while also winning his second life? Or Will he wind up stuck in the same loop?

4. Fiction spiced with revenge

Again My Life provides you a perfect reason for revenge and not those baseless impulsive types, rather rational and with goodwill for society as well. When it comes to villains, some make us empathetic to them because they had been enduring an unbearable pain that ended up converting them into that unstoppable full of hatred villains.

But what would you do if the same villain comes up with no backstory to let you feel his pain and wish for a happy ending for him too? What if he is a sadist devil disguised as an angel in front of society?  Wouldn’t it be so important yet so unimaginably difficult to drag him down? And amidst all this, you get to see a personal reason-giving our lead prosecutor the required strength to bring this narcissist villain down? Doesn’t that further increase your eagerness? This, our precious audience is the root basis of Again My Life.

Featuring Lee Geung-young as the corrupt politition (the villain of the story)

Featuring: Lee Geung-young as the corrupt politician (the villain of the story)

5. Lee Joon Gi As A Hot-Blooded Prosecutor

Those who’ve already seen Lawless Lawyer already know what an amazing actor Lee Joon Gi is when it comes to being a lawyer. And for those who haven’t our valuable audience, he is the kind of prosecutor who likes to handle things in his own way. You may call it illegal but for him, it’s just another way of getting a criminal what he rightfully deserves. And no matter how badly we deny it, deep down we all wish to see that kind of justice too, isn’t it?

Featuring Lee Joon Gi as the hot-blooded prosecutor.

Featuring Lee Joon Gi as the hot-blooded prosecutor.

Coming back to his character in Again My Life, fortunately, he still will be seen with the same persona with a little touch of hot-bloodedness. He will be seen bringing justice to the victims and hellfire to the culprits. We too like you can’t resist watching this bewitching show. Thus, continue binge-watching this ongoing drama.

And for further updates stay tuned to Otakukart!

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