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Again My Life Episode 8 Release Date: Kim Hee Woo’s Quest For Justice

when will again my life episode 8 release
Again My Life episode 8 release date

Again My Life is a Korean drama that is based on the famous webtoon with the same name. The next is the Again My Life Episode 8 for the kdrama. It is a captivating story that will have you hooked right from episode one. Again My Life marks the big comeback from Lee Joon Gi who recently returned from his military service. Co-starring him is Kim Ji Eun who plays the role of the rich heiress Kim Hee Ah in the drama. The two main leads carry similar names and are about to face similar destinies!

Although waiting every week for a new episode has been extremely painful, we are already awaiting the 8th episode of Again My Life. The drama has been nothing but wholesome all this while, with Kim Woo trying his best to protect and secure the future for his near and dear ones. The drama is directed by Han Cheol Soo. He is known for his works in popular dramas like Gourmet and Noblewoman. The entire cast of the drama contains big names from the industry and all of them have delivered brilliantly.

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What to Expect from the Next Episode?

Kim Woo discovers that there’s more to the story of the grim reaper. He makes a mental note to keep a close watch on her actions. However, on the other side, Tae Sub is making gigantic plans to expand his wealth. Moreover, everything was progressing in accordance with Kim Woo’s previous life until now. Will that continue or will it take a start adopting a different route?

Fans can expect matters to escalate starting from Again My Life episode 8. Fans can look forward to more power-packed episodes that are definitely on your way! Kim Hee Woo has to cast his final moves to entrap the cunning Tae Sub and teach him a lesson once and for all. The grim reaper further iterates on his mind and he starts piecing the puzzle together. What steps must he ensure so that his close and dear ones do not get hurt in the process? Will Choi Tae Sub figure out the caliber of his opponent?

when will again my life episode 8 release

again My Life episode 8

Tae Sub seems to have underestimated the wit and power of Kim Woo. He is back again to prove him wrong with more reliable attacks this time. He spends his entire youth sharpening his skills and gathering resources. We are already on board the 8th episode of Again My Life. How far away are we from witnessing Kim Hee Woo’s final blow? What role do you think will Kim Hee Ah play in this conspiracy? Be sure to let us know what you think!

Again My Life Episode 8 Release Date:

The Korean drama ‘Again My Life’ is scheduled to release two thrilling episodes every week. These will be released on Fridays and Saturdays. However, ‘Again My life Episode 8’ will be premiered on 30th April 2022. Join Kim Hee Woo on his quest to deliver justice to the innocent! He is slowly gathering all the clues that are required to deliver Lee Tae Sub with the final blow. What new challenges will spring up in his path in ‘Again My Life episode 8’? How will Kim Hee Woo rise up to these obstacles and overcome them? Make sure to watch ‘Again My Life episode 8’ to find out!

Where to watch Episode 8?

‘Again My Life Episode 8’ will release at 10:00 pm KST. The series is a Viu TV original, naturally, it is available to stream on the online platform. However, the Korean network of ‘Again My Life’ is the SBS network. For all the international fans who are unable to contain the excitement anymore. Following are the time slots for fans residing outside Korea. Indian Kdrama watchers can avail ‘Again My Life episode 8’ at 6:30 pm. For the Australian fans, it will be 11:00 pm. American and Canadian watchers can watch the ‘new episode of Again My Life’ at 8:00 am and 9:00 pm on the same day!

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