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Again My Life Episode 7 Release Date: Kim Hee Woo Officially Begins His Revenge as a Prosecutor

when will again my life episode 7 release
Again My life episode 7 release date

Calling all those who fancy a good crime story! Again My Life Episode 7 is coming soon. ‘Again My Life’ is just the drama you need to watch when you are aching for a fictional mystery thriller. The drama is complete with nail-biting twists at every turn and powerful visuals. ‘Again My Life’ stars the gorgeous Lee Joon Gi as the hot-blooded prosecutor in the story. However, his life takes the biggest leap when he finds himself dying during one of his mission. He is sent back to Earth with all his memories intact to try and succeed in his mission once again.

The second journey up the path of justice proves to be fruitful as he slowly lays the traps to bring down his target. He spends his youth for the second time trying to uncover and find links that he might have missed along the way. Catch Lee Joon Gi as he joins the dots and defeats the enemy, only on ‘Again My Life’. The drama is based on the webtoon with a similar name. Fans can find no difference between the art and the star cast of Again My Life. Hence, Lee Joon Gi was indeed a perfect fit for the role!

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What to expect from ‘Again My Life’ Next?

Kim Hee Woo lives through and endures his past once again. However, this time around he lives it exactly how he had dreamed it. By putting in the same amount of effort, if not a little extra, he achieves everything that his previous life lacked. He stays as a constant pillar of support for his friends and ensures that their futures are taken care of as well!

However, 7 years later, his second reality is slowly coinciding with where he left off the previous time. Fans can expect the intensity of the drama to increase. The series will recount Kim Hee Woo’s path to justice and allow viewers an insight into a just and fair world. He has already started rolling the dice and ‘Again My Life episode 7’ will examine how he proceeds with his plan. Initially, his colleagues are confused when the top-ranking student secures a seat in a rural office. Wait for their surprise when they realize his true intentions and abilities!  Lee Tae Sub’s cunning lifestyle is coming to an end and we cannot wait for the precise moment!

when will again my life episode 7 release

Based on the webtoon- Again My Life episode 7

On the other hand, Kim Hee Ah seems to be slowly dropping hints about her affection for Kim Hee Woo. Will their love finally blossom as well in ‘Again My Life episode 7’? Only time will tell. watchers can also expect more action and violence in Again My Life episode 7 as Kim Woo begins to put his plans into action.

Again My Life Episode 7 release date:

‘Again My Life Episode 7’ will be available for streaming on 29th April 2022. Every week, fans are blessed with two new episodes of ‘Again My Life’. They are released on Fridays and Saturdays respectively. Don’t forget to tune in on 29th April to witness Kim Hee Woo’s next big move. The game has been unfolding according to Kim hee Woo’s plan so far. When will the game change? Will his journey towards success be just as smooth? There are only 5 episodes remaining until we find out! For now, be sure to keep yourselves free this Friday and catch ‘Again My Life Ep 7’.

Where to Watch Ep 7 of Again My Life?

The Korean drama ‘Again My Life’ is a brilliant piece by the SBS network. It is also available as a Viu original. ‘Again My Life Episode 7’ will air exactly at 10:00 pm Korean Standard time. The anticipated timings for all the international viewers are as follows. Indian fans can catch ‘Again My Life episode 7’ by 6:30 pm. It will be available for American fans and Canadian fans at 8:00 am and 9:00 am respectively. Lastly, Australian fans can check out ‘Again My Life episode 7’ at 11:00 pm. Stay tuned to Otakukart and never miss an update!

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