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Again My Life Episode 13 Release Date: What is the Deal with JQ Constructions?

episode 13 of Again My Life
Again My Life episode 13 preview

The preview of Again My Life Episode 13 left us in a bigger pool of confusion as we tried to figure out what Hee Woo’s next move is. The series took a major turn as various corporates entered the picture. It has transformed into a full-blown power struggle now as all companies try to take over the others. The only individuals who will gain from this chaos are Jo Tae Sub, who was waiting for such an opportunity to truly make his mark. And Kim Hee Woo who plans to exploit the chaos to his own benefit!

Again My Life is a thriller crime fiction that outlines the story of a hot-blooded prosecutor thirsty for revenge. His target is none other than the city’s epitome of power- Jo Tae Sub. Apart from power, Tae Sub’s seat was molded with corruption and deceptions along the way. Moreover, Hee Woo’s will to defeat the cruel politician is so strong that even fate bends to provide him with a second chance! Add the series to your watchlist right now!

Again My Life episode 13 preview

The series has definitely taken a twist that none of us saw coming. We think we have to wait a little longer before the final plan is unveiled to us. Currently, Kim Seok Hoon is on a mission to free his son from prison. In addition to this, he also has his eyes cast upon the seat of the prosecutor general. Naturally, he approaches Jo Tae Sub to get things done smoothly. However, things do not go as planned and Jo Tae Sub’s might even turn his back on his pawn from the prosecution department. Fans can expect some more crooked plans and upset criminals as they watch their futures crumble before their eyes.

again my life episode 13 release date

Lee Joon Gi as Kim Hee Woo

On the other side of this mighty corporate world is Hee Woo’s company JQ constructions. He establishes this firm with the money and guidance he receives from the old man. It seems like no one is aware of Hee Woo’s ownership of the company. Moreover, Hee Woo himself is evaluating how to leverage this entity to his benefit. Will there be a possible merger between the Cheonha group and JQ constructions? Will Jo Tae Sub find his way into the company due to his thirst for power? or will he step into the game because of Kim Seok Hoon? Watch Again My Life episode 13 to find out!

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Again My Life ep 13 release date

Every new and improved episode of Again My Life is brought to the viewer’s table on Fridays and Saturdays respectively. Again My Life episode 13 will release on the 20th of May 2022. The further episodes are characterized by chaos and confusion as Hee Woo tries to establish numerous connections. However, he does this in order to prepare an army with various skills which he can use to strike Jo Tae Sub when he least expects it!

The strategies and operations devised are meticulously executed and the end of Jo Tae Sub’s reign is closer than ever. Moreover, they make turning your backs on your loved ones look so effortless. Are power and fame worth sacrificing all in life? What do you think about the same? Do not forget to tune in on May 20th to catch our prosecutor live in action!

cast of again my life

Kim Ji Eun as Kim Hee Ah

Online streaming details

The new episodes of Again My life will release at 10:00 pm KST. Fans from Korea can watch the episodes in the comfort of their homes right on the SBS television network. For fans residing outside Korea, the corresponding time zones are as follows. 6:30 pm IST, 11:00 pm AEST, and 8:00 am Central time. Also, note that fans can catch the episode on various online platforms like VIU and Rakuten VIKI. The episodes are available fully equipped with subtitles of your choice. However, it is necessary for watchers to avail of a premium subscription in order to stream the episodes without interruptions! Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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