Again My Life Episode 1 Release Date: Return of the Badass Prosecutor!

again my life kdrama poster
The stunning Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ji Eun

The scarlet prince is back to turn up the heat once again this summer with his new and upcoming drama- ‘Again My Life.’ What do you think will happen when politics meet science fiction? ‘Again My Life’ is here to answer exactly that question! On a quest to bring down a corrupt politician, the protagonist is a hot-headed prosecutor who, unfortunately, meets his own end. Hold your horses, as the story is just beginning.

Turns out, the protagonist does not find himself ascending the stairway to heaven. Instead, he wakes up in a world very similar to the one he thought he had left behind. If you didn’t already guess it, the drama is a classic twist with a time travel trope!

The premiere of ‘Again My Life, Episode 1’ is right around the corner and we are just as excited to see what new characters this drama will make us fall in love with. Starring some of the top-performing actors of the industry, this SBS original looks promising to say the least. Lee Joon Gi (Moon lovers: scarlet heart ryeo) plays the role of the determined prosecutor Kim Hee Woo. Co-starring him is Kim Ji Eun (Doctor prisoner) who plays the role of Kim Hee Ah. Keep reading to learn where and when this drama will be released!

What to Expect from ‘Again My Life, Episode 1’?

‘Again My Life, Episode 1’ is bound to be a powerful pilot which will set the base for the rest of the series to take off smoothly. Kim Hee Woo and his background will form the crux of the episode. Kim Hee Woo is as close to ordinary as possible. Although he had a handsome face. He was never an exceptional student in class nor was he the heir of a wealthy family. In fact, his living condition forced him to toil every day just so he could afford his education.

Although at first glance, he is your everyday average guy, his capabilities are revealed later on in the show. Keeping in mind his meager living conditions, he works twice as hard to build his future. He finally dedicates himself enough to secure a spot at the university and clears his bar exam.

Again my life episode 1
cr: SBS, VIU

On the other side of the story of ‘Again My Life, episode 1’ is a society that clearly lacked the presence of a reliable prosecutor. Brimming with criminals and atrocities, the prosecution team soon becomes Kim Hee Woo’s place to shine. During his journey, he uncovers a politician Cho Tae Soob (Played by Lee Kyung Young) who he concludes to be the most corrupt and ruthless criminal. Kim Hee Woo decides to pursue Cho Tae Soob with hopes of delivering justice to all those who had been wronged. However, his attempt for vengeance does not go as planned. While on a mission, Kim Woo gets killed by an unidentified man.

Just when he thinks that his efforts are doomed and that he failed at his mission. Life takes an unexpected turn for him and offers him a second chance. A chance to rectify his mistakes and ensure that he succeeds this time around!

‘Again My Life Episode 1’ Release Date:

‘Again My Life Episode 1’ is set to premiere on 8th April 2022. With the 8th of April falling on a Friday, fans can expect new episodes every Friday and Saturday. Each episode is approximately 60 minutes long and is directed by Han Cheol Soo. Some other notable works of the director include My Little baby, Graceful family, and Amor. 

The series essentially falls under the category of mystery. However, some other genres that can be associated with it are law, drama, and fantasy. The drama will contain 16 astounding episodes so rest assured, you have guaranteed entertainment for the next 8 weeks!

Where to watch ‘Again My Life’ Episode 1?

‘Again my Life’ is originally under the SBS network. However, it is also listed as a Viu original and can be streamed online there. The episodes will air on the network at precisely 10:00 PM KST every Friday and Saturday. For international viewers, the timings are as follows, 6:30 pm on the same day for Indian fans, 8:00 am on the same day for American fans, 11:00 pm on the same day for Australian viewers and 9:00 am on the same day for Canadian fans!

The series is highly anticipated across the world owing to the star cast and interesting storyline, so mark your calendars and be sure to let us know what you think about it!

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