Aftermath 2021 Movie Ending Explained

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Today, let’s talk about the film  Aftermath. Most of you must be aware of the recently dropped movie Aftermath. It’s an American thriller/horror mystery film, directed by Peter Winther. The film just dropped on Netflix on 4th August 2021. If you haven’t watched the movie yet and want to spice up your week, you must watch it. The movie has incredibly noteworthy actors like Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore to bring some chills. There are several other supporting characters too. Many of you haven’t watched the movie yet. So for them, if you want to know more about the movie Aftermath, you are at the right place. So, go ahead and get into the article to know about the cast, plot, and ending of Aftermath.

Aftermath is one of the best crime thrillers out there. It is based on a true-crime series. Without giving too much away in the introduction, you need to get into the article where I have covered the basic plot of the movie, casts, and mainly the ending. So, what are you waiting for? Without further ado, let’s jump in to know everything about Aftermath.

Aftermath: The movie cast and plot in brief

The two main characters of the film are Ashley Green, a popular American actress (playing the role of Natalie Dadich) and Shawn Ashmore, a popular Canadian actor (playing the role of Kevin Dadich). The other supporting characters are Sharif Atkins, Britt Baron, Diana Hopper, Janie Kaler, Travis Coles, Susan Walters and Ross McCall playing the roles of Officer Richardson, Dani (sister of Natalie), Avery, Dave, Garrett, Farrah and Nick Scott respectively.

Aftermath Ending Explained
Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore

A young couple, Natalie Dadich and Kevin Dadich struggle to stay together. Their struggles are quite convincing. The relationship drama between them is then exacerbated by several dark external forces. They are offered a deal on a home that has a terrific interrogative past that is beyond their means. The couple accept the deal to give it a fresh start but later on get stalked by sinister events of dark presences.

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Aftermath Beginning Explained: Spoilers Ahead

We learn that Kevin Dadich owns a crime scene cleanup company with Dave and Garrett. We find Kevin and his crew tidying up the gore in the house. On the other hand, Kevin’s wife Natalie Dadich is a fashion designer. The couple is going through a rough patch but they are working on their marriage. They moved to a homicide at 992 Hallow Park Way where the horrific crime took place at the beginning.

Aftermath Ending Explained

Odd things start to happen inside the home leading to conflict. We see their pet dog park in an empty closet and things disappear and reappear at different places. When Natalie reports the events to the police, they find nobody on the security footage and Kevin puts it down to a paranoid hallucination due to the stress. Also, Natalie’s sister, Dani disappears in the house. Their pet has to be put down after digesting poison. Natalie later finds that the previous owners (Jay and Aaron) were also struggling. Jay was cheating her with a succession of women while Aaron was getting her own back by having an affair with a mystery man. Natalie sees a real thin pale man in the house.

Aftermath Ending Explained: Spoilers Ahead

Kevin collapses and the doctors discover that Nerium was found in his bloodstream. The police think that Natalie has been slowly poisoning her husband, Kevin. But when she is attacked by a random stranger who tries to sexually assault her, the truth gets revealed. The stranger comes to the house as he sees an advert online where Natalie speaks of wanting to be attacked.

Aftermath Ending Explained
A still from Aftermath

It’s revealed that the man is Otto (mystery man), Aaron’s lover who was living in a hidden space behind the closet. Aaron designed it to keep her lover around but when she chose her husband anyway, Otto killed them. Later, his intention moved to Kevin and Natalie.

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After returning back to home Kevin, he discovers Dani’s body in the bed and is knocked out by Otto. Natalie manages to escape by breaking her wrist. Later, Kevin and Natalie, both team up to kill Otto. Unsurprisingly, after everything that happened, they decide to move out of the house. The closet door slowly closed teasing that either Otto isn’t dead as they thought or somebody else has secretly moved in.

If you haven’t watched Aftermath, do watch it. The film ranked number 7 under Top 10’s feed on Netflix. What are you waiting for? It’s streaming on Netflix, so go and watch it.

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