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After Ever Happy: Release Date, Cast & Trailer – Here’s What We Know

After Ever Happy
After Ever Happy

Happily Ever After is the term given to the love stories. But not all love stories have a happy ending. After franchise is wholesome of chaos and toilsome relation between two young people who are different from each other, Tessa Young is a loyal student, reliable daughter, and devoted girlfriend. Joining her first semester of college, Tessa’s conservative world extends when she meets Hardin Scott, a bizarre and brooding rebel who makes her feel like a different person and brings new aspects to her life.

With the advent of the new chapter in the After franchise, it is hard to tell whether the rocky journey will continue or they’ll end up parting their ways. The excitement and suspense are what make the final After the movie: After Ever Happy the most awaited one. Check out the release date, cast, and trailer of After Ever Happy.

Where To Watch All The After Movies?

After movie series is a set of four American romantic drama films depicting the unexpected love of Tessa and Hardin. The production will be dropping out the final movie of the franchise soon. So it’s still not late to miss the fun. Check out the streaming locations of all three movies.

After Ever Happy

After (2019)

After is a lamentable teen fantasy. When Tessa Young goes off to college, she falls for a melancholic loner with a dim past, but her new relationship soon causes a parting between her and her mother, who forces Tessa to choose between them. The movie is now streaming on Vudu, Netflix, and Amazon prime video.

After We Collided(2020)

Tessa’s relationship with troubled youth, Hardin, gets put to the test when she goes into the professional world and encounters young heat of love. Her love is troubled when she meets another man who’s attracted to her. The movie can be binge-watched on Vudu, Netflix, and Amazon prime video.

After We Fell(2021)

After We Fell is the pulpy, melodramatic, and scintillating erotica continuation of Tessa and Hardin’s story. The drama intensifies when the two understand the truth about their families. Now the biggest question is whether to fight for their love or its time to end it. The movie is currently streaming on Vudu, Amazon prime video, and AppleTV+.

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After Ever happy Trailer

The trailer of the movie suggests that the two lovers will be working out on their relationship while handling their career and personal life issues. Tessa is not the same simple, sweet girl as she was before when she met Hardin. And we can not expect any less from the cruel and moody boy Hardin was. The final synopsis of the trailer drops out several hints of the plot. As the two realize the truth about their families, they start finding the perfect companion in each other. The companion who can understand them completely and they don’t want to leave one’s side. But not every story is happy.

The trailer ends with Tessa saying, “I’m sorry I couldn’t fix you”. It’s quite typical to suppose it as an end to the relationship. Well, it’s too early to presume such things, so let’s wait for the movie to drop out the real story behind Tessa’s dialogue.

After Ever Happy

After Ever Happy Cast

What is the after franchise without Hardina and Tessa along with their crazy dramatic lives? So as far as we know, the main stars Josephine Langford and Hero Finnies Tiffin will reprise their roles as Tessa and Hardin. Chance Perdomo will be returning as Landon Gibson. The rest of the cast is expected to be back as before, including Louise Lombard, Rob Estes, Kiana Madeira, and Carter Jenkins. Although most of it is kept shady, as the trailer shows only the two of them. But the wait is not much as the movie will be out soon.

After Ever Happy Release Date

The fourth add-on of the After franchise is the most awaited movie and was estimated to be released in April 2022 after the third movie that I after we fell. But now, it has been made official on the official Instagram of the After movie franchise. The last part of the franchise will be released very soon. The dates are tentatively confirmed to be September 7, 2022, in the US. However, the dates of release are different for several countries. The movie will be released on August 26 2022 in Canada, South Africa, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Fans of Australia and New Zealand can watch the movie in theaters on September 8, 2022. The movie is sponsored by Amazon Prime Video; hence can be seen on the streamer as well.

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