Adventure Time Season 10 Episode 13: Review

Hey everyone! Today we’ll talk about the highly anticipated Adventure Time Season 10 Episode 13. The 10th and final Season of Adventure Time premiered on Cartoon Network on September the 17th. It had a run of a year. It concluded on September 3′ 2018. Adventure Time, as you may know, is an American animated TV series that owes it credit to Pendleton Ward.

Adventure Time first aired on Cartoon Network on March 10′ 2010. It traces the adventures of Finn, a human boy along with his best friend and his adopted brother Jake. Besides these three, there’s a dog who has powers to shrink and expand, whenever he feels like. In the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, is where Finn and Jake live. Finn communicates to other characters of the show such as Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, Lumpy Space Process, BMO, Flame Princess, Marceline The Vampire Queen, etc.

Adventure Time Review

Adventure Time Season 10 Episode 13, 14, 15, and 16: Release And Update

As I mentioned the Season headed towards a conclusion along with the show; episodes 13, 14, 15 and 16 were clubbed together regarding the title as “Come Along With Me.”

As per the official synopsis of the show on IMDB, the 13th Episode is written out as:
“BMO narrates “The Great Gum War” in which Finn, Jake, Marceline, PB and the Candy Kingdom go to war against Gumbald and his army that will determine the fate of Ooo once and for all.”

The key details are:
Writer: Pendleton Ward (creator)
Stars: Steve Agee
Dee Bradley Baker
Maria Bamford

Adventure Time Season 10 Episode 13: Review

Fans of the show were crushed to see the show end. The episode 13th was loved by one and all for its great story. Not only that, the episode provided a character development too. People felt the ending was bittersweet. In my opinion, Adventure Time was always out doing itself. It was at war with its potential, the biggest thing for a show is living up to its own potential, of course. Pendleton turned the Children’s show into a sophisticated poetic show.

The episode ended with a major cliffhanger. Princess Bubblegum gathered all her candy forces for an epic showdown; this was to decide the future of the Candy Kingdom against her evil Uncle Gumbald portrayed by Fred Melamed. The narration for the entire episode was on point. In the battlefield, we saw Jake and Finn. They together attempt to make a peace deal between the quarrelsome clans of relatives. The princess and Gumbald then exchange words, too.

Fern, the rebel plant stands beside Gumbald as his sidekick and henchman. At this point, Jake maneuvers them into a parallel plane. Then we see battles and more battles, showing in strengths and capabilities of characters, from one plane to another, across landscapes.

Adventure Time we have known isn’t a show just for kids but for adults alike. It has poetic imagery to its credit, a philosophy behind every scene. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are a couple as most of you may know; this was confirmed in this episode explicitly.

Rebecca Sugar whom we know from Steven Universe also worked on Adventure Time. She made a lesbian-themed couple on her show. Adventure Time IMO is just pacing up to that. But anyway, better late than never.

In the latter half of the episode, we see almost every character fight out the evil with all they have got. Suddenly in between all this fighting, comes a call from behind. Hope for all the existence, “My art is my weapon!” Shouts one character and at this point we see all the good guys strike against the end, and this is precisely where it ends.

We don’t know what lies ahead. But that’s how the show has always worked. “You and I will be back then,” the cast sings. The finale this reminds of how we are always in the game. The game never ends, and the memories always remain.

Adventure Time Will be available as a part of The DVD Package “Adventure Time: The Final Seasons” from today.

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