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Adventure Time Ending Explained

Adventure Time can be considered as one of the best series that we have ever received in the animated format. Its plot is so lit that it got us hooked instantly with the first episode itself. The show has been created by Pendleton Ward and came out on Cartoon Network back on the 5th of April 2010. We were all introduced to the tranquil land of Ooo which actually was dangerous at some places. The audience also got to be a part of a variety of exciting journeys that Finn the Human as well as Jake the Dog set upon.

Initially, during the starting seasons of the show, the creators thrived on the episodic format. They did not say still on a longer story arc and ended each one with the specific episode. Well, during the time when the series was about to conclude, it changed itself to a young adult drama. There were real-life concepts that were taken care of. We even saw the characters being a part of some of the wacky adventures that were too real to be a part of the fantasy series.

Well, we know that nothing lasts forever and this was the case with Adventure Time as well. Just like all the television shows which have to end at a certain point, this animated series did too back in 2018. The tenth and the last season of the show enlisted 16 episodes in the drama. With this grand gesture, the creators finally put an end to the show back in 2018. Obviously, the fans could not help but tear up a little bit at the finale given the fact that it was such an iconic series, to begin with.

Adventure Time Ending Explained

Adventure Time

What Happened During Adventure Time Ending?

On the other hand, we also saw our favorite characters finally reaching an end of their respective character arcs. Although, there were plenty of twists that were not up to our expectations and did not tie up in the perfect way possible. This is the reason why almost all the viewers now have possible questions from the show. Thus, here we have wrapped up how Adventure Time ended as well as all the possible explanations attached to it.

Now, we see that the creators have tried to narrowly take away the point of war by replacing it with other factors in the ending seasons. The last episode mainly focuses on the problems surrounding the Gum War. We saw that there were some tensions between Princess Bubblegum from the Candy Kingdom as well as Uncle Gumblad who resides in Gumbaldia. It can already be analyzed that the battle can turn into something very deadly soon enough.

But this was all overcome by Jake as well as Finn with a healthy serving of nightmare juice. This worked out completely fine as the characters were sent into a state of hallucinations and this is where they worked out all of their differences. In this second world, the two clashes against each other eventually, lead their feud to dust. After getting up from their dreams, the two decided to end their war and go back to being in peace.

Who Saved The War?

Now, Betty was truly that character who saved Ooo. This was her goal and the ending showed her achieving it. We saw that Princess Bubblegum and Aunt Lolly came to a resolution to their problem. Although their situation turned onto a hasty note just after a few moments, Normal Man came to rescue. We saw the whole problem diverted to a new creature that started creating havoc in their lands.

This caused all the characters, even the ones who had a fight against each other, to unite with each other and stop the creature. Princess Bubblegum played a very important part in stopping this dangerous creature from doing any harm. She soon realized that this monster can be defeated with Harmony. Thus, she started convincing everyone to sing the Time Adventure song in unison. This is what ultimately helped them combat the vicious creature.

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