Adorable Friendship Between ENHYPEN’s Sunoo And Jay Will Warm Your Heart

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ENHYPEN sunoo and jay
ENHYPEN's Sunoo and Jay

Many kpop idols are close to one another, creating a beautiful bonding that fans adore wholeheartedly! ENHYPEN’s Sunoo and Jay’s friendship is one of them! It clearly shows that the two hold different viewers, personalities. However, the inside story is wholly different. The friendship between the two will warm anyone’s heart. ENHYPEN is a kpop group consisting of seven members, Heesung, Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Sunoo, Sunghoon, and Ni-ki. All seven boys have formed a heartwarming bonding as they have gone through various ups and downs together.

Being a part of a large kpop group may make someone feel left out. However, if they have at least one person who stays with them, even the challenging ride seems easier. ENHYPEN’s Sunoo and Jay have a special spot for each other, forming an adorable friendship while going through all obstacles together. ENHYPEN was formed under Belift Lab through I-Land, a survival competition show. The group debuted in November 2020 with the EP ‘Border: Day One.’ Since then, they have shown some remarkable progress. And one of the reasons for achieving this success is the bonding between members! Even among them, the friendship between Sunoo and Jay is adored by fans.

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First Meeting Of ENHYPEN’s Sunoo And Jay- A Start Of Beautiful Friendship

A recent VLive interview of ENHYPEN’s members Sunoo and Jay has caught their fans’ attention! Many are curious about their first meeting. From an outsider’s perspective, both seem to have opposite personality. However, during the live, they has shown an adorable friendship, warming their fans’ hearts! According to Sunoo, they did not even cross paths during part one of I-Land. However, their engagement during the second half of I-Land became more natural. They don’t even remember how they met.

Like the water runs its course, the two have become closer after spending their time while recording and during performances. Just like any normal bestie doesn’t know how they become besties, Sunoo and Jay don’t know how their wonderful friendship began.

ENHYPEN sunoo and jay friendship
Sunoo and Jay during VLive

Journey From Classmates To Besties

It is a little surprise to see a kpop idol in your class, isn’t it? But what if there are two handsome kpop idols, ENHYPEN’s Sunoo and Jay, in one classroom? Sunoo and Jay are classmates since they both attend Hanlim Multi Art School. It was recently revealed that the two are in the same class. Their initial classmate connection has turned into a sweet friendship over time. Although they don’t remember their first meeting, Sunoo remembers when Jay reached out to him first. During practice, Jay reached out to him, asking if he wanted to learn choreography, he would help him out. That moment seems to touch Sunoo’s heart since he still remembers it vividly.

Even Jay doesn’t recall much about their initial days, but their bonding has grown stronger with each passing day. As if it was meant to happen! The friendship between Sunoo and Jay grew over time while they began to open up to each other. 

Friendship Between Sunno And Jay Will Brighten Your Day

This is not the end, fans! The friendship between Sunoo and Jay is wholesome and cute! Jay may not appear like someone who talks much. However, he is completely opposite when he is with Sunoo. The main reason Sunoo and Jay’s friendship forms is of them being talkative! In the recent VLinve, Sunno opened up about their communication. At one point, Sunoo begins to talk to Jay about his worries, concern, and issue since Jay always comes up with solutions.

Jay is no different as well! Sunoo and Jay are thinkers, but Jay is the worst among them. He even had spent three hours just to make up a nickname for a game account. However, when it comes to communication, the two seem to understand each other more deeply. Therefore, when fans asked them about any members they were grateful for and the reason, the two answered each other’s names. For Sunoo, Jay is someone he can rely on, trust him completely. On the other side, the over-thinker Jay needs someone with a bright, cheerful vibe. And that someone is no one other than Sunoo! Their teasing during the live shows how close they are. Check out their VLive video below. 

Big Fox Jay and Baby Fox Sunoo

Due to their adorable friendship, Jay and Sunoo are like a bog fox and baby fox, making fans gush over them! Fans have even given this ship a name, SunJay! Their mutual understanding and the common interest of being talkative make the bonding of the two stronger. They have different preferences, such as Sunno loves Korean snack tteokbokki but, Jay likes western meals steak or pasta. Yet, the two complete each other and be there whenever one needs the other. 

With their undeniable bond, ENHYPEN is ready to come back on 10 January 2022 with ‘Dimension: Answer,’ their first repackage album. Thus, don’t forget to mark the date and support ENHYPEN! 

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