Where Do Admiral Fujitora’s Scars Come From? Explained!


Issho Fujitora is one of the two new Admiral who took the place of Aokiji (who resigned) and Akainu (who was promoted to the charge of Fleet Admiral); we know that he joined the Navy because he would fight against the strong corruption deep-rooted in the Government and also because he doesn’t agree with the Shichibukai system, so that he wants to dismantle this system.

As far as his appearance is concerned, Fujitora wears samurai-like clothes and he fights using a katana; furthermore, he is blind because of two scars which go from his forehead down to his eyes, forming an “x”; the, if you remember, we were told that those scars had been inflicted on him by Fujitora himself, since he didn’t want to see the bad things of the world anymore.

Are we sure of this?

Think about this just for a while: if he wanted to make himself blind, why didn’t he hit himself straight to his eyes instead of making that “x” cut on his forhead? This doesn’t make any sense. In addition, if you pay attention, Fujitora’s scars don’t cross his eyelashes, so it is possible that he was already blind when he received that injury; then, in order to cause that “x” form, it should have been a movement too difficult to do on himself. There are too many strange things.

Now, have you ever wondered why Fujitora hates so much the Shichibukai?

Yes, of course, because they all are corrupted pirates etc etc, but this can’t be the only reason.

What if in the past, when he was still a simple soldier, Fujitora fought against one of the Shichibukai and this person provoked his blindness and his scars?

If we reason following this logic, the first Shichibukai member we think of is Mihawk, since he is a very skilled swordsman, but guess what? I don’t think in this case is Mihawk’s fault. Why? Well, because in order to cause such an injury, Fujitora’s enemy should have done a very quick and precise movement and, as we know, although Mihawk’s sword allows him to be incredibly strong and precise, it’s very heavy, so that it can’t be handled very easily; moreover, if Mihawk had hit Fujitora right on his face, don’t you think he would have definitely cut it off?

If you try to think about who else among all the Shichibukai could have caused him that scar, there aren’t so many possible candidates who use blade weapons to fight: apart from Mihawk, there’s Buggy who uses his knives, Edward Weeble who uses his bisento, Trafalgar D. Law who uses his sword and Crocodile who uses (although it isn’t a proper blade) his hook on his hand.

Now, Law can be excluded because when Fujitora met him on Dressrosa, it seemed that they had never met before; Crocodile has the power to control the sand, so that I don’t think he needs to hit his enemy with his hook-hand and the only two who remain are Edward Weeble and Buggy. About Edward we don’t have many information, so that we can’t know if he uses his bisento to fight or if he has some major Devil Fruit powers; on the contrary, we know Buggy and we know that he’s very coward, so that he may have dealt with Fujitora some years ago and, since he realized that he wasn’t able to beat him, he just played dirty by hitting Fujitora’s eyes, so that he had the chance to run away.

In conclusion, we won’t be sure about the veracity of this theory until we will have some more information about Edward Weeble’s abilities but anyway, following the logic I’ve just introduced you, Buggy could be the responsible for Fujitora’s scars.