What Are Admiral Fujitora’s Real Powers?


After the nomination of Akainu as Fleet Admiral and Aokiji’s dismissal, one of the two the vacant positions of Admiral was taken by Issho Fujitora. As we saw in the Dressrosa Arc, he’s certainly one of the strongest characters ever, especially thanks to his power which allows him to control gravity also by using his sword.

Despite everything we saw, I think he barely showed us only a little part of his whole strength. In fact, in my opinion, thanks to his gravity control technique, he could also be able to compress the air and then make it explode like Kuma does with his “Ursus Shock” attack. In addiction, I think also that this power could allow him to compress time-space and create this way a rip that he could use to teleport himself and his attacks in another point of the battlefield, something very similar to Blueno’s technique.

Furthermore, in Fujitora’s fight against Trafalgar Law and Monkey D. Luffy, we saw that he made falling a meteor on his enemies. Well, I think it’s important to underline this fact, since the nearest meteor to the Earth is about 65.000.000 km away in the Asteroids Belt and he brought one from there in a few seconds; now, if you try to think of that incredible level of gravity that he used in that occasion applied not on a meteor but on a person, they will definitely be crushed to dust!

Following the same logic, Fujitora could also be able to destroy the whole planet, for example using his gravity not only on a meteor but on another planet near the Earth, such as, for example, Mars.

Moreover, we know that he doesn’t agree with Akainu’s methods and also with the World Government habit of covering up the unpleasant events, so maybe in the future we will see a fight between Fujitora and Akainu, what do you think about it? In my opinion it would be definitely amazing.

In conclusion I think that Issho is a One Piece character who will show us a lot of exciting fights and, in my opinion, he could also have taken the charge of Fleet Admiral instead of Akainu but he didn’t because he just wanted to see what Akainu was able to do when he had the absolute power in his hands.