Adam By Eve: A Live Animation Project By Netflix: Here’s what it is About

Adam By Eve release date
Film: Adam By Eve

Netflix is adding on to the party of big announcements by revealing the release date for another upcoming film. The release date for Adam By Eve has been announced, and we are nothing less than excited for its premiere. Not only is the movie blessed with some amazing staff, but the live animation film is also uniquely based on the popular Japanese singer, songwriter, and producer EVE. He is best known for singing the opening theme of Jujutsu Kaisen season 1, titled ‘Kaikai Kitan’. Adam by Eve is described as a live in animation surrounding a mystery genre. The film has been surfacing on discussion forums for its curious concept and the involvement of the popular singer.

26-year-old singer EVE began his career in music by singing covers online. He debuted officially on Niconico in 2019 and has since been a part of several hyped-up anime, including Jujutsu Kaisen and Dororo. In 2020 he also wrote a manga titled “Kara no Kioku,” which was illustrated by Newo. The manga features original characters from the singer’s previous music video.

Like many other Japanese singers, EVE refrains from showing his face to the world, so most of his videos are animated.

Based on the singer, the live animation film Adam By Eve’s release date has been announced, and here is everything we know about it.

Adam By Eve Release Date

A live-in animation announced by Netflix will be released soon. As per the announcement made on 25 January 2022, Adam By Eve will be released on 15 March 2022 on Netflix. It is a live-action movie with 3DCG and 2D animation that belongs to the mystery genre. 

The movie’s animation production is done by Studio Kharra. The staff of the live animation film includes Genki Kawamura as the planner and Nobutaka Yoda as the director. It will also feature songs from EVE.

Adam by eve
Teaser : Adam By Eve- Netflix.

Teaser Trailer

An official trailer was also updated along with the big announcement.


The movie will revolve around Aki and her best friend, Taki. After mentioning that Taki had a dream about a Hitotsume attacking her in her dreams, she disappears. Several cases of people disappearing after seeing a Hitotsume in their dreams surface. Aki goes in search of her best friend. Led by the voice of Taki, she reaches the world of Hitotsume, where she is no longer able to tell reality away from fantasy.

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