Abyss: Review, Characters and Plot Analysis

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Korean industry frequently creates fantasy genre dramas. However, not all of them live up to the expectations of the people. Audiences very much anticipated the arrival of Abyss in 2019 due to its casting. The story of the Abyss was quite good although it could not garner the attention of the public much. To frankly say, the drama received very much fewer ratings according to many sources. Even the beautiful casting could not very much capture the hearts of the public.

Abyss is a fantasy crime romantic comedy that premiered on tvN original network. The other name for the drama is Eobiseu. Abyss got released on May 6, 2019. It consisted of sixteen episodes and ran until June 25, 2019. The drama tells the story of two persons, one man and a woman who died due to unfortunate incidents. But they are brought back to life again and given a chance to lead a new life. Now, let’s have a look into the Abyss drama and review the same.

Abyss: Casts & Characters

Abyss leading casts are Park Bo-Young and Ahn Hyeo-Seop who are depicting the characters of Go Se-Yeon and Cha Min. Go Se-Yeon is a prosecution lawyer who got killed regarding a case by the killer. But, all thanks to the abyss and Cha Min that she get back her life. Cha Min is a rich and successful person but not that much attractive in reality. One day he dies but the abyss saves his life also. Now, both the characters were reborn with completely new faces.

There are many other supporting casts in various roles. The supporting cast consists of Lee Sung-Jae, Han So-Hee, Song Sang-Eun, Yoon Yoo-Sun, Kwon Soo-Hyun, Park Sung-Yeon, Lee Sieon, etc. Seo In-Gul and Jung So-Min appeared themselves as a special appearance in the first episode of the drama.

Casts reading script for the drama (Credit: tvN)

Abyss: Plotline

The storyline for Abyss is a beautiful and lovely one that revolves around Go Se-Yeon and Cha Min. Both the characters were opposite of each other in appearances before their death. Cha Min plays the role of the heir to a cosmetic company. He is a nice and smart person whose looks are not that much appealing. One day, he died in an accident following the break up with his fiancée. But, the abyss which is some sort of magical crystal ball brings Cha Min to life. Ultimately, he became the owner of the crystal ball with a new face. Cha Min’s new look is quite appealing to the eyes of everyone.

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Cha Min and Go Se-Yeon were good friends since childhood. Go Se-Yeon was very beautiful and was a good prosecution lawyer. However, she was killed due to her tendency to dig deeper in case. But, she gets back her life due to the abyss and Cha Min. Her appearance also gets changed as she takes on the body of a plain and single woman. Later on, Cha Min and Se-Yeon team up with each other for finding out the real killer of Se-Yeon. The rest of the drama portrays the couple facing all the difficulties together besides finding the reason for their revival.

Abyss: Review

I would give Abyss a rating of 3 out of 5. Abyss introduces the element of a fantasy couple with crimes and comedy. It introduces reincarnation right from the beginning along with death. However, the twist was regarding the incarnation changing the body of the person following their soul. So if someone is evil in nature they will get an extremely bad face while the good soul will get a nice face. The same things happen with Cha Min and Su-Yeon with their transformation. One got the looks of an extremely handsome person and the other of an average person.

The drama itself starts with an interesting mystery with the death of Su-Yeon and Cha Min. Moreover, there is a serial killer on the loose from the starting only. At first, the same seems exciting with the thought that there will be a serial killer and murders. But, as the show goes on, it somewhat leads to boredom and confusion. Some of the mysteries got clear and some of them remained unclear.

Despite everything, Abyss really gave a good fantasy element. There were also some intriguing dynamics that we saw from reincarnation to changing physical forms. Some fun plot twists were also created by the drama. But, it would have been more exciting if Cha Min and Su-Yeon’s relationship before their incarnation were shown. The most interesting part about the drama is the adjustment to new life by Cha Min and Su-Yeon after completely changing their physical forms. They could not even reveal their identity and go to their family as no one would believe them.

The overall execution is the most disappointing part of the drama. No doubt, the story was very good, but the execution was very poor. Some of the scene and things does not make any sense at all. There is no clear pointing out of the mystery and details surrounding the abyss. The rules also do not sum up to the drama and looked like it is a part added from somewhere else. Apart from everything, Abyss is still one of the good fantasy drama for Korean drama lovers and fans.

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