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Aashram Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Ashram Season 3 Release Date And Time

Aashram the Bollywood’s most amazing web series will be announcing Asharam season 3 release date and time super soon. The series is a crime thriller series, and it is inspired by a true story. The story spins around a Baba, played by Bobby Deol, known as ‘Baba Nirala.’ whose supporters have blind faith in him and will do anything he commands. But Baba Nirala is a conman who guarantees that his devotees devote their money to him and stay connected to the Aashram for life. Meanwhile, Darshan Kumar is a cop in this series and is adamant about disclosing the truth behind the exoskeletons and dead bodies collected from Aashram’s property. Every episode unfolds a story that revolves around the Baba Nirala. True events inspire the series. Today, we will be talking about Aashram Season 3 release date & possibilities.

A few years back similar case was evident. And the Baba who Bobby Deol characterizes is Asaram Bapu in real life. In the series, the Baba used to drug the girls who used to study in the charitable university of the Aashram. And used to have nonconsensual physical relationships with them. Unfortunately, these ugly things we see on-screen have happened to some innocent girls in real life. Such series are important for our society. At least now people know what sorts of evils are lurking in our society.

Ashram Season 3 Release Date And Time

Release Date Of Aashram Season 3 Will Be Announced Soon. (Credits: Indian Express)

In the series, the protagonist is Pammy. A poor girl who belongs to the minority and is blinded by her devotion. She is a beautiful young girl, and the ugly fetish of Baba does not spare her. But when she finds out that she was drugged and she was raped. She weaves a plan to escape the Aashram. In the process, she manages to kill her father, who was on the ventilator at Aashram.

What Happened In Aashram  Season 2?

Aashram Season 2 was one of the darkest series Indian series ever witnessed. Baba kept drugging the girls in the Aashram and kept misusing people’s faith in him. Not only finances, but now Baba is also influencing politics. In the second season, we witnessed that Baba told his followers to vote for a particular political party and the voters actually obeyed him. And now the politicians were also in Baba’s pocket. Now the victims can’t go to be police. They can’t talk about it and find themselves helpless.

In the second season, Pammy discovers that someone was taking advantage of her while she passed out. And she is a wrestler. Due to weakness and fatigue, she is unable to fight. On the other hand, she pretends to be preparing for her competition, and she maps out the Ashram. She figures out a way to escape the Aashram with the help of a reporter helping the police officer expose Baba. Baba’s lust is getting the best of him, and he is insulting the people who help keep his business going. Baba is also suspected of mixing drugs in the prasad. He is making the youth a drug addict. Everyone is getting suspicious of the Baba’s popularity. The series marked its ending when Pammy’s brother was shot dead by Baba’s followers, and Pammy escapes the Aashram after killing three people.

Aashram Is Not Just A Series It’s A Revolution

Series like Aashram make people aware of what things are going on in society. Specially county like India, where blind faith and superstitions have deep roots. Everyone should know that Babas are humans, and we should not compare them to God. More than anything, series like Aashram make people aware of all the evils that prevail in our society. Series like Aashram is a revolution.

Aashram Season 3 Release Date And Time

Aashram Season 3 is expected to release In Fall 2021, around December, to be specific, on MX player.


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