A Suitable Boy Ending Explained: A Look into India after Independence 

A Suitable Boy Ending Explained
"A Suitable Boy"

“A Suitable Boy” did manage to grab people’s attention with the amazing cast and also the way the story is shown. The series was inspired by Vikram Seth’s novel by the same name. BBC has managed to bring up the story exceptionally well up on the screen. The series not only deals with finding the right husband for Lata, but through this goal, we get to examine the social and cultural condition of India right after Independence. However, you might feel that you could not quite get the significance of the last scene in the series or the court scene. In this article, we will look into having the ending of “A Suitable Boy” explained.

The movie starts with Lata’s sister getting married off, and now her widowed mother is worried about her. Lata is in her college, and her mother now wants to marry her last daughter off too. Back in those years, it was the norm for women to get married in their early 20s. However, Lata does not seem to mind much about her marriage. Throughout the movie, we get to understand the societal tension between Hindus and Muslims due to the partition.

A Suitable Boy Ending Explained: Lata’s Story

Though the movie ended in a happy tone, there were tons of things that might have been overlooked. Hence, let’s get started to look at the ending of “A Suitable Boy”. The movie portrays two parallel stories of Lata and Maan. First, we will follow Lata’s story. She falls in love with Kabir Dhurani in her college. Though at first, she does not get to know his last name, he is a Muslim boy, and Lata’s family will not accept the relationship. However, Lata is at first ready to even run away with Kabir defying all the consequences. Yet, Kabir backs off from the step. This makes Lata heartbroken, and she travels to Calcutta.

A Suitable Boy Ending Explained
Lata in “A Suitable Boy”

In Calcutta, she meets with two suitable suitors for her marriage. The first one is Amit, a self-absorbed poet, and the second one is Haresh, a humble shoe-maker. We get to see the sharp contrast between the two characters, and it is also a special note to the difference in societal class. While Amit might be desirable for his upper-class status, yet he does not behave humanely. Haresh, on the other hand, belongs to the rising middle class and has all the good qualities of a man. The choice is obvious, and we know who Lata will go for.

The fact that Lata and Kabir’s relationship were seen so fulfilling at first was used by Seth in a way to make the religious differences look ridiculous. However, we see that Lata seems to be more attracted to Kabir and Amit than Haresh. This is because she is drawn to that heated passion that is common in every relationship. However, once this heat passes off, the true colors show. Amit and Kabir were more guided by emotions than maturity. Whereas, Haresh is a man who keeps his cool and judges the situation with a sense of maturity, which makes a relationship fulfilling.

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Manas’s Story

Now coming to Manas’ story. Lata’s story focused more on women’s growth in the newly independent India. Manas’s story focused more on the religious differences in the country. After the partition, Hindus and Muslims could not look each other in the eye. Among these hostile situations, Manas and Firoz had quite a strong friendship. However, things become difficult for Manas when he falls in love with Saeeda Bai, a “fallen” woman who sings. In that society, a politician’s son and a bai cannot be in a respected relationship. Hence, his father tries to marry off Manas to another woman.

A Suitable Boy Ending Explained
Manas and Saeeda Bai

Manas runs off to Rashid’s village. He helps out the people in their difficult times. However, once Saeeda calls him back, he leaves everything and goes back to her. Once when he returns, he finds Firooz talking to Saeeda in the night. This infuriates Manas, and he stabs his best friend immediately. Saeeda informs Manas that Firoz was not interested in her but her younger half-sister. The stabbing creates a lot of tension, and Manas’ father loses his position as the minister. Manas goes to the police and confesses his crime.

During the court session, Firoz gives the witness that he had slipped and had fallen to the knife. This witness had saved him from getting life imprisonment. At the end of the series, Manas comes to realize that for his small, passionate mistake, he was to hurt not only himself but all his loved ones. The series plays graciously with human emotions and brings out our sympathies for the characters at every scene. We come in touch with what is important in life and how to sort our priorities. It is not always the passionate romance that we crave, but rather a balance of everything.

You can watch the series on Netflix.

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