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A Simple Favor Ending Explained

Made on a small budget but resulted in smashing the box office because of the stunning storyline and high-quality content, “A Simple Favor” is one of the best films of 2018. This film is an American comedy crime thriller film that has been globally acclaimed and has received millions of positive reviews from fans. All the twists and turns that were introduced in each sector of this film, everything was completely great, and hence this film was able to achieve so much success globally.

Revolving around the life of widowed single mother Stephanie Smothers, who was happily running her vlog channel and was getting much love from her followers, gets into some real-life incident that she can’t even imagine. But as you know, if the end is well, then everything is well, and the same is the condition of the plot of this film. Keeping this in mind, we would like to explain the complete end of this film and what was the major twist that happened and was really unexpected.

"A Simple Favor" Ending Explained

The Two Lead Characters Of This Film

Ending Explained: What Happens With Emily?

As soon as Stephanie Smothers comes to know that Emily also has a twin sister, she got much clear about her upcoming steps, and she became clear about what has exactly happened, and now she only needs physical proves for all that she is thinking. Stephanie soon plans and meet Emily, and there in the meet, Emily explains everything honestly. She tells her that she and her sister set their house on fire in order to kill their abusive father, who was creating difficulties in their life and was always harassing them and their mother.

She told that after that, both the sisters flew away from their separately with a plan to reunite, but the conditions were not in their favor, and they both never reunite again. Emily built her career and started a family, but suddenly, after 14 years, when her twin sister Faith suddenly reappeared, she was complete heroin and alcohol addict, and she blackmailed her regarding that murder and asked for compensation of a million dollars. So that’s why she drowned Faith in that lake and showed Stephanie that she had committed suicide.

On the other hand, Sean planned the complete insurance scam. Emily and Stephanie became really angry about Sean’s relationship with another woman and framed him for harassing and abusing Emily. Sean was arrested by the police and was later released on bail. Somehow a twist is shown that Stephanie has a change of mind and her heart melted, and now she plans to get Emily punished for all her crimes. She starts an argument with Emily in front of Sean, and the police have placed microphones and recorders everywhere.

"A Simple Favor" Ending Explained

A Glimpse From The Film

Emily fakes shooting Sean, and she has already disabled all the microphones as she was aware of what has happened and she confesses all her crimes while holding Stephanie and Sean at gunpoint, and she shoots Sean on the shoulder. She then points the gun at Stephanie, and she was planning to show this as suicide murder, but Stephanie tells her that whatever has happened here is live-streamed as an event by a hidden camera on her vlog, and finally, Emily is arrested with all the proves against her.

At the end of this film, then it was shown that Emily was sentenced to 20 years in prison for all the crimes she has committed. Also, the second novel that Sean was writing was finally finished and published, and that novel became the best-selling novel of all time; and finally, Sean became a very successful professor at Berkeley. Stephanie started dating another man, and her vlog channel has crossed a million followers. Now, it was developed into a television show, and she has also become a part-time detective who starts solving some big cases.

At the end of the film, Emily was shown winning a basketball game in prison, and with this, the film ends. It was a really entertaining film with a lot of twists and turns, and every viewer has really enjoyed the complete film as it was full of amazing twists. Even before the end of this film, the viewers started hoping for the sequel, but till now, now official announcements or plans have been updated by the creators regarding the sequel, but as soon as anything happens, we will update that on Otakukart.

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