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A River Runs Through It Episode 37: Release Date & Spoilers

A River Runs Through It Episode 37: All You Need to Know!
A River Runs Through It Episode 37

When can we expect A River Runs Through It Episode 37? A River Runs Through It is already on air, and all the C-drama fans are loving it since its release. The drama series has been adapted from a novel titled “Yan Lei De Shang You” written by Ming Qian Yu Hou. The C-drama portrays the genres of comedy, romance, school, and youth, and that is everything a perfect show needs to have. Taking you on a roller-coaster of emotions, the drama series has been revolving around the plot points like high school experience, work-life, the infamous friends to lover’s trope, and if you are looking for a drama based on friendship trope, then this is your perfect pick.

Originally distributed by Youku, the drama series has created a huge buzz on the internet, and the audience, as well as the critics, are loving it so far. The C-drama is being directed by Sha Wei Qi, and the screenwriting has been done by Jin Yuan Yuan. Both of the position holders are well-known for their works, and there is no doubt that this time too, their professionalism has shown appreciative results.

Here, we are going to talk about the 37th episode of the show and tell you every related detail about it. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look inside and know all the fun details.

A River Runs Through It Episode 37 Release Date

A River Runs Through It Episode 37 does not have a release date, as the show has finished airing. The C-drama was released on August 2, 2021, and it aired its 36th episode on September 1, 2021. All 36 episodes were positively rated by all the audience and the critics. There is no doubt that the plot and the direction of the show were quite captivating for everyone. Well, Asian dramas have always been known for their unique and mind-blowing qualities.

The total number of episodes, as per many reports, was 36, with a running time of 45 minutes each. The drama was classified as 13+ and aired on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday.

A River Runs Through It Episode 37: All You Need to Know!

A River Runs Through It Episode 37

The original distributor for the drama is Youku. You can also watch it from other mediums like Viki and YoYo English Channel for free with subtitles. Many out there have already cemented its position as permanent on their watchlist as they were completely engaged with its screen performance. Well, there have been many emotions portrayed in the drama and many sides of relationships, which has made it one of a kind for everyone out there.

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A River Runs Through It Episode 37: What’s The Drama About?

The plot of the story takes you on a journey of many bittersweet emotions. The story follows the lives of students. It is focused upon a transfer student who is making her space in her new school and trying to get indulged in new friendships. She meets many people there of different natures. Despite her shy nature and the difficulties of her adapting to a new environment, she continues to cut her way through.

Things start to take turns as a major exam called “Gaokao” is coming up, and now all the students are turning on things and making many decisions. Things get pretty challenging for her and for everyone as the exam knocks on the door.

A River Runs Through It Episode 37: All You Need to Know!

A River Runs Through It Episode 37

The show’s cast is one of the greatest attractions for the viewers. In the main role, you will see Richard Wang playing the character of Lu Shi Yi and Hu Yi Xuan in the character of Xia Xiao Ju. And as for the supporting role, there is Chen Bo Hao as Cheng Lang, Judy Qi as Lin You, Jiang Zhuo Jun as Qiu Le Tao, and Tan Quan as Huang Jun.

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A River Runs Through It Episode 36 Recap

In the 36th episode of the show, we see Xiao Ju crying her eyes out as she thinks that Lu Shi Yi has drowned. However, that’s not the case as he awakes and is in need of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He is ditched by Xiao Ju, but he smiles anyhow as he knows deep down, she cares for him.

She receives a bracelet from him, but she is not smart enough to figure out the fact that his girlfriend is actually her. She remembers the song they sang together and especially the lines. The realization hitting her like a truck, she sprints backs to the beach, but Lu Shi Yi is nowhere to be found. She is not aware of the emergency that came upon him and gets really angry.

On the other side of the scene, we see Cheng Lang spotting Lin You on the street. But as soon as he was taking strides towards her, he spotted her husband picking her up.

Then the party scenes come up where things get pretty messed up due to some misunderstanding creating many embarrassing moments. The bouquet is thrown in the crowd, and the boys make sure that it goes to Xiao Ju. Things get all sweet and charming, and now the sounds of pop balloons take up.

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