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A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Update: Will The Manga Continue?

A Returner's Magic-Should-Be Special
A Returner's Magic-Should-Be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special has delayed its chapter for the second time. The manga’s latest chapter was supposed to release on Sunday, but the manga took another break. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is yet to announce its return date, but it will return soon. This is caused by the recent battle and the new manga era. We will also look at the previous chapters and other A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special updates. Desir and his team protect the world from monsters and demons. But they are yet to solve the mystery behind Demon Crow.

In the previous chapters of A Returner’s Magic-Should-Be, Special Desir and his team went on different training and helped Romantica and Adjest improve. Desir also acquired the 4th magic circle and took the powers of the current Homunucul. He knows that nothing will stop them since Homunculus was the only obstacle that troubles them. He is unaware that Demon Crow survived after fighting with Arzeria. He believed that taking Homunculus power makes him the mighty warrior, and he proved that through his training. But his master didn’t like it since he faced death multiple times. Desir took that path after thinking for a week and gained the powers he desired.

The doctors deal with Arzeria, who scared them when he woke up from a coma. Azeria realizes that something strange happened during his battle with Demon Crow and other monsters. He members everything and explains it to the doctor. He told the doctors that Demon Crow fled after a massive explosion. Arzeria tried his best during the battle, but Demon Crow was exceptional. The magic spell bomb that Demon Crow almost wipe out Arzeria’s friends.

A Returner's Magic-Should-Be Special

A Returner’s Magic-Should-Be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 174 Summary

Arzeria uses a shield that consumes his life to protect his team since Demon Crow wanted to assassinate all of them and leave the scene. After the blast, Demon Crow and Beast Human wanted to leave, but Crow couldn’t accept a draw since no one died during the explosion. He wanted to finish Arzeria and team, but Beast Human reminds him that he is not in good condition, and if he messes up, he will lose another life. They also talk about Desir and realize that he is the next target. Demon Crow told the Beast Human that they must kill Desir now, and he wants to meet with him.

Beast Human realizes that he has heard rumors about Desir and took Honumculus down and acquired the 4th magic circle. He warns Demon Crow that Crow has no match against Desir in his state. He suggests leaving the area and recovering then thinking of another plan to eliminate Desir. Demon Crow accepted that since he couldn’t walk properly due to the injuries. Beast Human helps Demon Crow, and they leave Azeria on the ground. Azeria realizes that he heard Demon Crow talking about summoning another Homunculus and warns Desir.

After waking up in the morning, Arzeria talks with Desir and warns him about Demon Crow’s scheme. Desir realizes that another war will start soon and tells Azeria not to worry about it. He left the room since he wanted Arzeria to rest. Desir met with a strange lady who talked about fighting and praised his powers. The lady reports, and Desir knows that the lady is from the royal family. Meanwhile, Demon Crow talks with the Masked Demon, who had different plans to defeat Desir.

A Returner's Magic-Should-Be Special

A Returner’s Magic-Should-Be Special

Will A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 175 Returns?

A Returner’s Magic-Should-Be Special Chapter 175 was delayed twice, but it seems as if it will take another break and release at the end of January 2022. The manga has not confirmed the release date of chapter 175, but the fans can experts the next chapter these coming weeks. The holiday and other interruptions have delayed the latest chapters. Those who miss the previous chapter can read it here: A Returner’s Magic-Should-Be Special Chapter 175 Delayed. Let’s meet when A Returner’s Magic-Should-Be Special releases another chapter.

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