A Quiet Place Sequel To Have Emily Blunt And Cillian Murphy As Leads

Yes, the news is out Cillian Murphy will be joining Emily Blunt in the sequel of the movie known as A Quiet Place. This movie was a pretty famous one among the fans. When it hit the cinemas, it grossed about 340 million USD while its budget was only a mere 17 million USD.

Which means the owners of the movie made a huge profit from it, it also indicates that the movie was a pretty good one as well. The sequel of the movie will be released next year on 15 May. The sequel is being directed by a famous personality in John Krasinski who also will be writing the script of the movie.

Cillian Murphy is known for his gangster role in the Peaky Blinders TV series and also as Scarecrow in Batman Begins. He’s been part of various Christopher Nolan projects as well. The plot and everything about this sequel of the movie A Quiet Place is being kept under wraps for now.

The rumours suggest that Cillian Murphy is going to play the role of a man who is quite mysterious and intends to join Emily Blunt’s family.

A Quiet Place Sequel

While Emily Blunt’s role in the movie was official some time ago, Cillian Murphy has been recently announced to be the part of this movie project. The shooting of this movie is said to start sometime in summer.

The producers of this sequel are Micheal Bay, Andrew Form, and Brad Fuller. The plot of the first movie was focused on a family living in the area where more people get killed by blind noise sensitive creatures. And in order to keep these creatures away from themselves, they communicate through sign languages.

It seems that the second installment of the movie or the sequel as most people call it, will also continue the similar storyline and hopelessly the new movie will even surpass the last one.

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