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A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9 Release Date: Nagi Isn’t Ready To Know Yet

A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9
A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9 Release Date Cr: OtakuKart

Last Updated on June 13, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9 is going to be one of those episodes where Nagi will get one step closer to knowing his own feelings. And we are excited to see how this story unfolds. Sachi is back, but even though she is spending time with Erika, it looks like Erika is just an excuse to be near Nagi. This anime is one of those stories which started because of a silly accident in the past but leads to infinite possibilities in the future. So far, there are three paths we can see Nagi could lead the future. And we Otakus might have different opinions and ships, but in the end, we think we know who Nagi will end up with. But, for now, we just can’t wait to see what happens next in A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9.

But, before we find out all about it, the first thing we need to find out is the release date of Episode 9 of A Couple Of Cuckoos. We are pretty sure you are looking for that information as well. Good thing we have exactly what you are looking for. So, let’s not waste a single second and get right into it.

A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 8 “Is He Going To Get Married?” – Recap

The Episode starts with Erika going out to run errands. But, while Erika was out, Sachi came in looking for Erika. The way Nagi responded, Sachi assumed that they had a fight, and that’s why Erika left. But, as soon as Erika returned, Sachi expressed her interest in living with them. And her reason was because of the congested situation in their small home. She blames her father’s loud snoring is affecting her studies. So, she packed her baggage and moved in with them. Nagi resisted this decision, but ultimately the house belonged to Erika, so, in the end, she decided to let Sachi stay with them. Nagi thought that Sachi was behaving this way to make up for the lost fifteen years of their lives.

A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9

Sachi Wants More Time With Nagi Before He Gets Married

But, when Erika was having a sister-to-sister conversation, and Sachi finally revealed her true intention, Nagi ended up listening to their conversation. Sachi wanted to move in because she was scared that as Nagi would be getting married soon, she might not get to see him again, so she wanted to spend some time with him. The next day, Nagi had to go shopping with Sachi and Erika. There he realized how popular Sachi used to be and still is. At some point, a huge crowd made Nagi think something bad might have happened to Sachi and Erika. But, it was just a crowd that was star-struck by their presence. In the end, Erika wanted to take a new family picture, including Sachi in it.

A Couple of Cuckoos

Nagi Needs More Time Before He Gets To Know Who Erika Is Interested In

Nagi finally got a moment alone with Erika, and as he realized how everyone’s lives are full of problems yet they try to handle them their way, he doesn’t want the future to change for now. He admits that he isn’t ready for it, but when he’ll be, he does want to know about the person Erika is interested in, which she claims might change Nagi’s fate.

What To Expect In A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9?

Nagi may think that he has feelings only for Hiro, but he slowly develops some feelings for Erika too. Otherwise, how would you explain his concern for whom Erika is interested? In the end, he did say that he isn’t ready to know it yet, right? This probably means he is afraid that the person Erika is interested in might not be Nagi. But, deep down, he is hoping it is him. On the other hand, Sachi has a crush on Nagi, too; it’s obvious. How things will end up in the end, we might not know, but we do know how excited we are to watch the upcoming Episode 9 of A Couple Of Cuckoos.

A Couple of Cuckoos

Nagi Isn’t Prepared Yet

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A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9 Release Date And Time

In Japan, A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9 is scheduled to release on Sunday, 19 June 2022. Whereas, in the US and in India, Episode 9 is going to be released on Saturday, 18 June 2022. Now, let’s talk about the timings the 9th Episode of A Couple Of Cuckoos will be available to us. The Japanese fans will get to watch Episode 9 of A Couple Of Cuckoos at 01:30 hrs Japanese Standard Time (JST). The US fans will get this Episode at 09:30 hrs Pacific Time (PT)/ 11:30 hrs Central Time (CT)/ 12:30 hrs Eastern Time (ET). And, for the Indian fans, A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9 will be available at 22:00 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST).

A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9

Episode 9 – Release Date And Time

Watch A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9 Online – Streaming Details

All the latest episodes of A Couple Of Cuckoos will be first broadcasted on different Japanese Local Television Networks, such as TV Asahi’s National Network ‘NUMAnimation’ and CS Tele Morning Channel 1. And, soon these episodes will be globally available on different online streaming platforms. You can easily watch the previous as well as the latest episodes of A Couple Of Cuckoos on Crunchyroll.

A Couple Of Cuckoos Episode 9

Where To Watch ‘A Couple Of Cuckoos’ Online?

That’s it for now. We hope we were able to help you find all the information you were looking for. Let us know which anime or manga you want us to cover next. And, for further updates from A Couple Of Cuckoos, stay in touch with OtakuKart.

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