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90 Day Fiancé Single Life Season 2: What Do We Know?

90 Day Fiancé Single Life season 2: Release Date

What do we know about 90 Day Fiancé Single Life season 2: Release Date? The popular 90 Day fiancé is one of the most entertaining reality television show that has successfully spawned a spinoff show called 90 Day: The Single Life. While the first season arrived on Discovery+, fans got to see a few familiar faces and a whole lot of drama that followed! The spinoff show was a huge hit since its debut back in February. With some of these contestants finding love once again, some still had no luck in the dating pool, and we wonder whether they will make their return on the show to a possible season 2!

As the first season of the spinoff show saw six of these singles looking out for love and gearing to leave their tumultuous past behind. While all of these singletons had some bad relationship issues, there was enough crying, screaming that followed. The first season ended with a possibility of a second season, and fans are excited to see what’s next for these people. Let us take a look at all details regarding the 90 Day Fiancé Single Life season 2: Release Date.

90 Day Fiancé Single Life season 2: Release Date And Other Details!

While a release date has not yet been announced for the spinoff show, there is a buzz around that filming for season 2 has already begun! Big Ed, who found himself amidst severe controversy after fans demanded his exit, has also informed one of his fans that he is filming another season! Much to fans’ dismay over how Big Ed behaves with the women around him. It seems like the channel is going to film yet another season with him.

Is Big Ed Returning For Season 2

Expect the familiar faces who tried to look out for love in the first season to make their comeback. Apart from them, some of the alums of the original show are also going to return. That is something that fans are eagerly waiting for as it is going to be double the entertainment! While getting back into the dating pool looked like a smooth sail at first, it is nothing like these alums expected!

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Is Big Ed Returning For 90 Day: The Single Life Amidst Controversies?

Big Ed is returning for a possible second season, and fans are not happy about it! While his abusive phone call with Liz surfaced online, fans have been asking to boycott him. Several people took to social media to point out how Ed behaves with all the women and should not be a part of the show anymore. Several 90 Day Fiance fans were utterly disappointed when they discovered that Ed will be on the second season and possibly will abuse yet another young girl! If you haven’t seen all the ongoing drama, here’s a little sneak peek into it.

Not only that, but people have started a hashtag named #CancelBigEd. However, Big Ed has confirmed his return as he said that he has started filming for yet another season. Other than Big Ed, Danielle Jbali, Molly Hopkins, and Natalie Mordovtseva have reportedly been recast for yet another season of the spinoff.

90 Day: The Single Life Season 2: What Can We Expect?

Apart from Big Ed’s inclusion in a possible second season, fans wonder whether Brittany Banks and Fernanda Flores are still going to be a part of it as cast-mates. We wonder if someone new is going to participate in the 90 Day: The Single Life season 2. Given their immense popularity on the show, Ed, Danielle, Molly, Natalie, and Varya are the ones that are going to be on the show.

Who Else Might Return To Season 2?

Moreover, fans have been speculating whether Mike Youngquist, may also be featured on The Single Life. These speculations came around after Mike was spotted with a mystery woman with long blonde hair. Is Mike going to bring her on the show to give into the complications? All these questions can wait as we are yet to receive any further details about the second season release date. We might see a few new faces also looking for love! 

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