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Sony Reveals 9 Free to Play Games for PS4

Sony has revealed 9 games that will be available to download for free from today till 23rd April 2021. These games are being given for free as a part of the Sony Play at Home program. You can find these games on the Play at Home tab on your console. Sony Play at Home was launched back in April 2020.

The pandemic had just started to take the world by storm, and everyone was trapped in their homes. The number of gaming hours increased, and many companies started to give away their major titles for free in order to gain the maximum number of players. Sony too jumped on to this and gave away two games for free in April, the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection and Journey.

There aren’t any eye-catching games or any major titles, but all these games are very good to play in order to kill your time. Let us have a look at all the games which Sony has given out for free as a part of this initiative.


Abzû is an adventure game that was launched in the year 2016 by 505 Games. This game was developed by Giant Squid. This game is an underwater adventure. You play as a diver who has been tasked to return life back to the ocean. The game is set in an unknown world where wars and battles have devastated marine life. You have to bring back the marine life in oceanic waters and make the places habitable again.


This game is also available on Xbox and Microsoft Windows.

Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is another action-adventure game that was released back in 2016 by Dodge Roll. It is an indie game. In this game, you are set on a mission to search for a time machine gun that is hidden somewhere in a dungeon named Gungeon. This gun has the ability to kill their past. In their journey, they will face a lot of obstacles in this dungeon which has been set with traps so that no one could reach the legendary time machine device.

Enter the Gungeon

This game is also available on other platforms like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Google Stadia.

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite is a musical adventure game. Something like Beat Saber. The game was launched way back in 2001. With time, it has been updated and ported to the newer consoles because of its popularity. It was brought on to Sony PlayStation 4 in 2016. The game has been very popular for the last two decades and has won a lot of awards.


In this game, you have to free run and kill all the enemies and bosses which come across your way. Every strike of yours will create a soothing harmony that is perfectly synced to give you a great musical and gaming experience.  There is also an option for VR support to this game. You can get fully immersed in this game by experiencing this masterpiece in virtual reality.

The game is also available on other platforms like Windows, Microsoft, Xbox, and even Android.


This is probably the most well-known game out of the 9 games on the list. Subnautica was a huge hit when it launched in 2014. The game is developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Panic Button Games, Shiny Shoe LLC, Grip Digital. It is a highly rated game by both critics and users.


The game is set in the late 22nd century, where humans travel to other universes and planets to colonize them. This game is about one of those expeditions. A deep-space vessel called The Aurora has been developed by Alterra Corporation, and you have been sent to explore the Ariadne Arm. You will face a lot of challenges as you progress in this game. It is a great game and one of the games you must play if you love the survival and simulation genre.

The game is also available on Xbox One,  Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Nintendo Switch.

The Witness

The Witness is a bit different than all the games mentioned till now. The Witness is also a 2016 game. It was developed by Jonathan Blow. This is a puzzle-based game where you have to explore an unknown island where you have to solve different kinds of puzzles in order to unlock the next level. The game is quite challenging, and you may get confused initially.

The Witness

This is a game that will give you knowledge as you progress ahead. There is a lot of diversity on this island as you will see different locations with completely different atmospheres and scenery. It is challenging yet fun. The game is available across other platforms too, like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is Sony’s own game. It was developed by Japan Studio and published by Sony in the year 2018. The game has also won the BAFTA award for the best VR game of the year.

Astro's Playroom

This game is all about its small and cute robots. The robots are something that lives in your dual-shock controllers, and some of them have disappeared. You have to find those robots and bring them back. So, in this game, you team up with Captain Astro and start your journey to rescue the other bots, which are somewhere in the 5 worlds of this game. There are around 213 bots to find and bring back. There is also VR support to this game. So you can experience this journey in Virtual Reality.

This game is a PS exclusive and is only available on PlayStation4.


Moss is another puzzle-solving game. This game was launched in 2018 and developed by Polyarc. This is a fully VR game. Talking about the plot, the game sees the player lost in a world inside of a book. In this world, you meet a small mouse named Quill. Quill’s world is under the rule of a deadly, fire-spitting snake called Sarffog. You embark on an adventure along with Quill to defeat the snake and save Quill’s uncle, who has been taken away by Sarffog. You have to solve puzzles and go through various obstacles in order to beat the game.

Moss Game

The game is a popular VR game, and it’s a great game to play if you get it for free. The game is also accessible on Microsoft Windows.


Thumper is another musical video game, like Rez Infinite. This game was developed and published by Drool in 2016. The game has VR support too. There are 9 levels in this game, and every level gets more challenging. Your running must be in sync with the music. Run across the rods, rails, and blue notes in order to finish a track. Beat 9 levels, beat the game.

Thumper Game

The game is also available to play on other platforms like Nintendo Witch, Microsoft Windows, Android, Google Stadia, iOS, and Xbox One.

Paper Beast

Last but not least. Paper Beast is a VR game that is the newest game on the list. This game was launched in 2020 by Pixel Reef. It is a VR game like Moss. It is an action-adventure game without any puzzles, though.  In this game, you will explore a world that is filled with data. Data that was lost due to faults in algorithms and internet codes. The data has turned into a life-form, and you have to help them survive. There are various life-forms, and each one of them has their own specialties. You have to help them survive by tackling obstacles, help them in their tasks, and progress through the game by doing so.

Paper Beast

The game has gained good popularity as the concept feels unique, and the game looks visually pleasing. The game is also accessible on Microsoft Windows.


Besides these 9 games, users can also claim a free copy of Ratchet and Clank. It is a 2016 action-adventure third-person shooter game. This game isn’t a part of the initiative and will be available to grab till 31st March. There are also reports that Sony will also giveaway their Horizon Zero Dawn game for free from 19th April.

So this concludes the list of the 9 games which have been released by Sony for free downloads under their initiative Play at Home. All the games are from different genres. Some are puzzle-solving adventures, while some are pure action adventures. If you have a VR headset, then Sony has got you covered there too.




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