800 Words Season 4: Release Date Or Cancelled?

800 Words is a comedy-drama series, which has been created by the duo of James Griffin and Maxine Fleming. The show made its debut back in 2015. The story of the series follows George Tuner, who works for one of the biggest selling newspaper company in Sydney. Tuner is a famous columnist, and he writes weekly columns and has two teenage kids as a family. The second part of the third season is still ongoing. The first half of season three aired back on 2017, and they picked up the story right where it had left off.

With the third season almost coming to a close, the fans are worried whether there will be a fourth season or not. To be fair, it is too early to predict the possibility of the show getting a fourth season. Everything that you hear right now is just a rumor, so don’t believe it. There has been no official statement regarding the renewal of the series. We will update you accordingly when we get any sort of news about the show.

Moving on to the cast of the series. If there is a fourth season, then the cast would look something like this —

Erik Thomson as George Turner
Benson Jack Anthony as Arlo Turner
Bridie Carter as Jan
Rick Donald as Woody
Anna Jullienne as Katie
Michelle Langstone as Fiona
Emma Leonard as Tracey
Melina Vidler as Shay Turner
Cian Elyse White as Hannah.

The show is set after the death of George’s wife. After her death, George buys a house, which is located in New Zealand. The place holds a lot of meaning for him as he used to spend a lot of time at this place with his parents. Instead of being hung up on the death of his wife, he plans to start a new chapter in his life. The show takes us through his new adventures along with his two kids.

The show looks to be really fun, and I’d recommend watching it if you would like to relieve some stress.

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