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8 Most Epic Villain Vs Villain Fights In Anime You Should Check Out!

Villain Vs Villain Fights In Anime You Should Check Out!
Here are the 8 Most Epic Villain Vs Villain Fights In Anime You Should Check Out!

One of the fantastic things about the anime is that they feature a great number of fights. The conflicts are so exciting that they entice us to rush onto the battlefield and applaud our favorite spectators. Is there anything more epic than a confrontation between a hero and a villain? It is combat between a Villain and another Villain. These are extremely unusual and surprising happenings in the anime. Despite the fact that these characters have the same motivation and are on the wicked side, they battle one other for a variety of reasons. So, in this listicle, we will supply you with the most spectacular villain vs villain fights in anime.

The motivations for these villains to battle each other differ from one another. Some villains battle one other for pleasure, while others are competitors, as shown in most shonen anime. One of the key reasons is that these villains that battle one other have opposing viewpoints. And the most prevalent is when a villain turns good and will stop the other evil even if it means losing their life in order to make atonement and do the right thing. Well, there are many reasons, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the most epic villain vs villain fights in the anime.

My Hero Academia – Kai Chisaki Vs The Leauge of Villains

Although a very small dispute between the villains in the My Hero Academia, this showcases that there are far worse organizations than The League of Villains in the My Hero Academia. Kai Chisaki goes by the villain name Overhaul, and demonstrates how overpowered his abilities are by attacking the main villains of the show when they disagree to side with him.

Kai Chisaki Vs The Leauge of Villains (villain vs villain fights in anime)

Kai Chisaki Vs The Leauge of Villains

Just as a cool character does, Overhaul insults the League of Villians and calls their plan pathetic. Furthermore, he asks them to work under him. When they disagree and try to attack him, he single-handedly blows Magne’s body and blows off Mr. Compress’s arm. At the end of the brawl, he walks away as if nothing happened.

Naruto Shippuden – Sasuke Vs Danzo!

This list of epic villain vs villain fights in anime would not be completed without one of the most intense fights in Naruto Shippuden. Sasuke isn’t exactly a villain, although he did act as the villain in the whole Naruto Shippuden verse until the final battle. On his path to revenge, Sasuke came a long way from trying to kill his brother to avenge his brother.

Villain Vs Villain fights in anime

Sasuke Vs Danzo

After learning the truth that Danzo Shimura is one of the masterminds behind the massacre of the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke is willing to do anything to kill him. Danzo has always been the villain behind the shadows with hatred toward the Uchiha. The fight was epic, with Sasuke acting like a villain more than ever. Even as a last resort, Danzo tried to defend himself by taking Karin as a cover. Sasuke did not hesitate to stab Danzo through Karin. Sasuke acted like a villain to defeat a villain.

Fate/Stay Night – Kirei Kotomine Vs Zouken Matou

This is one of the most villainous fights in the history of the anime and truly deserves to be on the list of most epic villain vs villain fights in the anime. Kirei and Zouken from Fate/Stay Night have one thing in common: they both enjoy hurting people. Kirei even believes that causing pain to others gives his life meaning. Whereas Zouken, who is already over 200 years old, would go to any length to be eternal, including infesting his granddaughter’s body with worms.

Fate/Stay Night - Kirei Kotomine Vs Zouken Matou

Kirei Kotomine Vs Zouken Matou

Eventually, Kirei and Zouken end up in a fight where only one of them will be able to make out alive. Kirei exorcises Zouken so that he would never be able to regenerate again. Even after defeating Zouken, Kirei is nowhere near to being a good guy and will do anything to destroy the world and hurt others. However, with Zouken, there is one less person in Fate/Stay night who will hurt others for pleasure.

Bungou Stray Dogs – Ryunosuke Akutagawa Vs Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Bungo Stray Dogs anime tops in comedy and action. The amount of villains this anime has is insane, with many overpowering abilities. One of the epic battles this anime displays is the fight between villain vs villain, Akutagawa vs Francis. Akutagawa, who has an overpowered ability and always crying for Dazai’s attention, had one of the best fights with the Guild’s leader Francis who has money and powers.

Bungou Stray Dogs - Ryunosuke Akutagawa Vs Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Ryunosuke Akutagawa Vs Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

The epic villain vs villain fight took place in the airship, and Akutagawa had another chance yet to impress Dazai and shine as a true bit hero. Although he did manage to fight Francis, he would not have made it alive out of there if it were not for our main character of Bungo Stray Dogs, Atsushi Nakajima.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Greed Vs Father

Some villains do not have an idea that they are on the wrong side since they have been taught to do wrong things in all their existence. This is what one of the sins “Greed” went through in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. At first, going against the main characters Edward and his friends, Greed, got into situations where he had to work with them to get out of bad situations.

Epic Villain vs villain anime fights

Greed Vs Father

The battles that occurred at the end of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood displayed many great battles, including Greed Vs Father. Father absorbs Greed in order to maintain control of his body. While inside the Father, Greed battles the God being “Father” and eventually transforms his body into something which helps Edward and his friends defeat him easily. At the last of the moments, Greed turns out to be a hero who saves the world.

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure; The Golden Wind – Risotto Vs Doppio

There comes a time in the anime when the main villain himself has to go through character development or have a moment to shine. Either they do it by fighting the hero or their past struggles. However, sometimes they fight other villains to come to the top. The fight between Rissoto and Doppio is a moment where Doppio has to show his cleverness and show why he deserves to be the true villain of the anime.

Rissoto Vs Dippo in Jojo's bizzare adventure!

Rissoto Vs Dippo

The fight between them is epic because of the ability Rissoto possesses. Rissoto’s ability to materialize sharp things like nails, razors, and scissors under the opponent’s skin using iron from their blood is truly horrifying to look at. Until the end, it seemed like a one-sided fight. But thanks to the cleverness of our main villain Doppio who suffers from a personality disorder, he was able to take him in the end.

Hunter X Hunter – Hisoka Morrow Vs Chrollo Lucifer!

This fight is the most awaited fight that fans of Hunter X Hunter have been dying to see. Although this fight never occurred in the anime, the manga readers finally got to see this epic villain vs villain fight. As we mentioned earlier, some villains like to fight other people just for fun. Hisoka is the prime example of that. Hisoka’s personality is really weird, and his main motive is to fight strong people. He would side with the villains or the heroes until they became very strong and challenge them in a fight.

Hunter X Hunter - Hisoka Vs Chrollo

Hisoka vs Chrollo

Although in the anime, when we got to see that Hisoka was the part of the Phantom Troupe so that he could fight its leader Chrollo Lucifer, he could not do so because of the Kurapika’s spell that bounds his heart and would die if he fights. However, in the manga, the great battle finally occurred. With the insane amount of arts and exchange of nen-based moves, this was one of the most epic villain vs villain fights in anime or manga. While this fight is not available to watch, one can watch the rest of Hunter x Hunter on Netflix.

Dragon Ball Z – Majin Vegeta Vs Majin Buu

In the eyes of the viewers, Vegeta is always a villain, well, at least for me. His personality suits the best of a villain. Even Akira Toriyama, the writer, has always loved the villainous side of Vegeta and never failed to please the viewers by displaying the villainous side of Vegeta from time to time. Even at the start of the last Dragon Ball Z Saga, we got to witness the villainous side of the Vegeta when he was enchanted in the spaceship by Babidi.

Most Epic Villain Vs Villain Fights in Anime

Majin Vegeta Vs Majin Buu

In the end, Vegeta came into control and fought the never-dying Majin Buu. This fight is one of the epic villain vs villain fights in the whole anime verse, let alone in the Dragon Ball universe. With Vegeta even going to the length where he sacrificed his life for the sake of his family and Kakarot.

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