8 Marvelous Facts About ‘The Punisher’ That You Should Know

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Facts about The Punisher
Poster of the Marvel series 'The Punisher'

Marvel Cinematic Universe is an American franchise under Marvel Studios of Disney. In 2022, it’s rare that someone isn’t a Marvel or hasn’t heard of the name. Considering the fact that Marvel releases blockbuster movies almost every year, the hype is pretty much justified. Apart from movies, Marvel creates masterpieces in form of series as well. ‘The Punisher’ is one out of their ocean of creations.

Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ is a 2017 series fabricated by Steve Lightfoot. The series that have a total of thirteen episodes was released on November 17th on Netflix. However, by the second season, Disney took over Marvel Studios. Henceforth, the second season was released on January 18th on Disney+.

After avenging those who slaughter his whole family, Frank Castle played by Jon Bernthal is on the verge to seek justice for others like him. He took the disguise of ‘Punisher’ He goes beyond his limits and concisely chastises the lawbreakers. During his journey as the righteous killer, he uncovers some dark secrets about New York City. In season two, the plot revolves around Frank and a girl named Amy Bedix. After saving her from being brutally murdered, Frank is in a dilemma whether to continues as the ‘Punisher’. The action, the crime thriller is one of the highest trade series of Marvel that went on winning several awards. ‘The Punisher’ is a reprise version of the character ‘Daredevil’.

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Facts about The Punisher
Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ starring Jon Bernthal as the ‘Punisher’ himself.

Eight marvelous facts to know about ‘The Punisher’

We might think that as a Marvel fan, we know ‘The Punisher’ by heart. There are two whole seasons of thirteen episodes about him and literally, several comics are available to readout. But that may not be it. Numerous hidden facts about the punisher are still unknown to many. So here’s a list of some interesting facts about your favorite superhero or better to say Anti-hero.

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1. The Punisher is not a hero

For us, a hero is someone who fights against crime and injustice. A hero will follow the path of principles and ethics, taking righteous decisions under any circumstances. Though the punisher’s prime motive is to save humanity from barbaric criminals, his mode of execution is different from that of a hero. He believes in the merciless killing of lawbreakers and that is what makes him an Anti-hero. He doesn’t own moral qualities to be stated as a hero. For him, death is the ultimate penalty one should pay for their sins.

Facts about The Punisher
A strip from the Marvel comic of ‘The Punisher’ shows him on a spree of killing criminals

2. The skull emblem of the Punisher

The very first thing about the Punisher that doesn’t go unnoticed is his symbol. We get to see the symbol on various posters and even imprinted in his costume as well. Only the infuriated white skull against a dark background is enough to recognize the Punisher. But only a few of us knew that the skull logo does exist in real life. The soldiers of Iraq use the skull symbol on helmets, t-shirts, and various other equipment. The logo was widely used in an Anti-terrorist rally protesting against Isis. Though there is no certain information available to justify the reason. But, numerous shreds of evidence are there to prove the fact.

Facts about The Punisher
A piece of evidence supporting the fact that Iraqi soldiers used the Skull symbol on equipment

3. The Marvel universe massacred at the hands of the Punisher

Although it sounds surreal, the Punisher once was on a spree to kill other Marvel characters. Not just the villains, but the superheroes as well. Being an Anti-hero, the Punisher’s approach of execution isn’t compatible with the other heroes. In the Marvel comic title, ‘Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe’ Punisher carnage our beloved protagonists. The events take place in an alternate dimension where his family gets killed in a feud between the Avengers, X-men, and an alien species.

His massacre started when Cyclops refuse to take responsibility for the incident. With the support of other Avengers’ war victims, Punisher takes his ultimate revenge. After killing his buddy, the daredevil, Punisher ends his life as well.

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Facts about The Punisher
The Punisher assassinating other Marvel characters, a strip from the Marvel comic

4. Captain America, the idol of the Punisher

Knowing that the Punisher attempted genocide against the Marvel Universe, we might assume that he loathed other Marvel Characters. But, the fact is just partially correct. Despite his immense antipathy against the Government, law, regulations, and political bodies, he respects law protectors and soldiers. Which is one of the reasons for his admiration towards Captain America. In the ‘Civil War’ timeline of the comics, Punisher joined the side of Steve Rogers.

Although Captain detests Punisher for his unethical values, Captain let him join his team. Steve Rogers aka Captain America once was the trainer of the Punisher. Whilst Captain was punching Punisher vigorously, he did not even lay a single hand upon Captain proving his devotion. After the demise of Steve, he paid his homage by switching to the colors red, blue, and white.

Facts about The Punisher
The Punisher in a one to one combat with Captain America but is reluctant to take the step

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5. The fictional Siancong war

Many Marvel characters have their origin or history linked up with a real historical event. Those events may vary from wars, political circumstances to natural catastrophes and pandemics. The same we get to see in the Punisher’s origin as well. He was a soldier in the Vietnam war between the northern and southern parts of the country. However, his origin was changed to a different historical which is the Gulf war.

Later, the creators even came up with a fictional war called the Siancong war which completely diverted the origin of the Punisher It was an attempt by creators of the Marvel comics to keep the characters from aging. And to prevent them from reaching an unrealistic age. A similar concept was adapted in Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ series to match the current century.

Facts about The Punisher
A scene from the fictional Siancong war in the Marvel comics

6. A Marvel – DC crossover

The DC is another massive and one of the oldest comic universes where we get to see the superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and more. The craziest and most psychotic clown villain Joker belongs to the DC comics. The Joker fears none even his nemeses, the Batman. But things took a different turn when he had an encounter with the Punisher. In a crossover between Marvel and DC comics during the 1900s, Joker experienced terror for the first time in his life. He was petrified when Punisher was about to pull the trigger on him. Eventually, Batman came to the rescue, and Joker was spared with his life. It is one of the most thrilling crossover events with three popular comic characters.

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Facts about The Punisher
The Punisher meets the Batman and the Joker in a crossover between Marvel and DC

7. A Bullet in the name of the Punisher

The Punisher is set on a mission to exterminate all the lawbreakers. He has a kill count of about 48,502, the third-highest after Wolverine and Deadpool. He oaths to stop once there is no more crime and injustice is left. But the Punisher isn’t one of those who takes a sweet retirement and enjoys a peaceful life. He believes that his sole purpose in life is to execute law offenders. And that there is no need for him anymore once his mission is completed. For that particular reason, the Punisher always loads a bullet for him. He will shoot that bullet on him when he’s satisfied that the work is completed.

Facts about The Punisher
A clip from the series of Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ featuring the Punisher himself

8. Theft of War-machine’s armor suit?

The Punisher is a man of Ultimate powers. He is highly skilled in military strategies and close battle combats. He can master almost every deadly weapon and is an expert pilot. There is no doubt regarding his fighting skills. But, what if a man with such potential gets access to more strength? Such chaos builds up when Punisher put himself in an Iron man armor.

Facts about The Punisher
The Punisher in an ironman armor suit from the Marvel comics

When Hydra hides War Machine aka James Rhodes’s armor, Nick fury chose Punisher to retrieve the armor. But with an opportunity to gain so much power, Punisher wore the suit himself and continues his mission of carnage.

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