8 Best Anime Like Shiguang Dailiren: English Subbed Recommended 2021

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anime like Shiguang Dailiren
Shiguang Dailiren.

The concept of time travel is nothing new. For decades the concept has been used in fantasy and sci-fi works alike. But are people always satisfied with all shows that feature the concept of time travel? Not really. People seek variety when it comes down to such fantasy concepts. So when Shiguang Dailiren came along, people saw the uniqueness in it and gave up on their hearts for it. The show has been quite popular for a while now. If you watched it, you probably already know how well it has been crafted and how splendidly it ended. Are you now craving for more similar content – more anime like Shiguang Dailiren?

Better known as Link Click, Shiguang Dailiren is an original Chinese anime. The show was animated under Studio LAN and was produced by Haoliners Animation League and Bilibili. It was later licensed by Funimation for an international release. The anime aired earlier this year on 30 April 2021 and ran for 11 episodes. Within these episodes, it captivated the hearts of several fans. Now that the anime has ended, let’s look for anime like Shiguang Dailiren to binge through the night.

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The plot and the characters of this story need proper analysis to understand why it is an anime like Shiguang Dailiren. It’s about a girl who keeps travelling back into the past over and over again so that she can keep time as it is. However, she also gets to learn in this process that it is more preferable to look forward and into the future rather than running after the past. She has two best friends who, even though aren’t in the central focus, end up giving a more beautiful shape to the plot. Their names are Chiaki and the very obliging Kousuke.

The beautiful plot is made to come to life through high-quality animation. The landscapes have been given broad details, there are beautiful cityscapes and natural elements in the background. The characters in this show have fluid progress. However, the details do lack a lustre to an extent. The soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful, and there is an unpredictable ending theme.

anime like Shiguang Dailiren
The Girl who Leapt Through Time.

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The show’s story shows Naho Takamiya who on the first day of her sophomore year begins the journey with some uneasiness. First, she wakes us quite late. Second, she receives a letter that was addressed to her from someone anonymous. Later she finds out that the letter was written by none other than herself. It’s from 10 years ahead in the future. Initially, Naho was sceptical about whatever was going on.

However, she sees that the letter describes several events that take place throughout the day. Thus, she realizes that the letter was indeed from her future self. Overall, you get to see the strengths of Orange foreplayed in the smartest ways. It takes certain things that are disregarded in general (for instance, high school romedy and time travel storylines) and turns them completely into these very interesting and engaging plotlines, making it yet another anime like Shiguang Dailiren you might want to watch.



One of the biggest and best mystery anime series to have ever been created, Erased is what you should be watching next if you are looking for anime like Shiguang Dailiren. The show comes with time travel but in the most crafty manner. It is filled with mystery, which may even cause your hair to fall. Erased is not an ordinary anime. The plot is very interesting that will fill your mind with several questions as you look for the black sheep along with the protagonist. If you have yet to watch the show, we recommend you watch it soon because only once you have watched it you will realise what you are missing out on!

anime like Shiguang Dailiren

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Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World

If taken my perspective into consideration, the current world of animation is beginning to focus more on a superficial outlook instead of creating anime that has its own beautiful originality and intense attention to detail. This can also be the reason why the audience is so unsatisfied at times and constantly on the search for something creative and refreshing. Hence, when they came across something like Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, it was bound to blow up into an extremely popular show. Why? Because the show is all about unique plot twists and gives the exhausted genre a new meaning. Say hello to a show you will love since you like anime like Shiguang Dailiren.

However, we can’t say that innovation is the only good trait this anime has. In fact, there are several other good traits that are worth looking up to. For instance, the detail with which the plot is built, a wholesome cast that can shape a simple anime into an epic one. So the ultimate question is: Does Re:Zero make an epic anime? I think it totally does, and that’s not because there is everything in the storyline that makes it interesting. This also includes a maid who can magically fulfil the desires of every man except the protagonist who seems to be romantically challenged. 

anime like Shiguang Dailiren
Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World.

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Tokyo Revengers

Based on Ken Wakui’s manga turned out an explosive hit. The protagonist ends up in his past in his plea to save his ex-girlfriend. At first look, it looks like a cliched idea. Time travel shows barely ever go right but Tokyo Revengers was far from being one of those shows. The anime immediately builds up a chain of events that are both intriguing and frustratingly excellently created. If you love Shiguang Dailiren, there’s a high chance you may get hooked to Tokyo Revengers because it is funny, entertaining, and is filled with mystery. The protagonist is unique and stands out in several ways. This is not a love story nor a revenge story. This is a story where bonds are tested and innocence is challenged.

anime like Shiguang Dailiren
Tokyo Revengers

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Sakurada Reset

One of the most underrated gems of the anime world, Sakurada Reset deserves to be more popular. However, despite its wonderful traits, the show has received quite some backlash from anime fans who have had different opinions. The show has been dubbed as boring, uninteresting, slow, and even emotional by several critics but I beg to differ considering that it has some of the best merits. So, what makes Sakurada Rest shine despite all the harsh treatment? Well, for starters, unlike most anime shows which forget the purpose of the show a while later, Sakurada Reset does not forget the plot and somehow, manages to expand the idea it originally began with throughout the show. The consistency of the plotline is beyond commendable. 

The story of Sakurada Reset anime focuses on Kei Asai who lives in Sakurada, an Oceanside city/town where babies are born with new and strange abilities. One day, on the rooftop of his school, Asai meets with an apathetic girl who has the power to reset everything around her up to three days prior. No one in the town comes to know when she resets anything, not even Haruki, but our protagonist, Kei can retain everything that she resets and that’s his ability. His ability is also called photographic memory. Together, Kei and the girl, with their combined powers, become strong enough to help someone and soon they join the service club to help other people in the town. 

sakurada reset
Sakurada Reset

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Charlotte is a beautiful anime that narrates about Yuu, who has the power to take away the abilities of other people but he himself is unaware of that. He also has the power to control others at his will for a certain period of time. Soon, he gets busted by some students who force him into using his power and he gets enrolled into a school where people with supernatural abilities were taught.

The sinister school, however, needs more such students. This is why Yuu decides to remove the abilities from all those people who were ability users and in the process of doing so, he must get rid of obstacles. Amazing storyline and outstanding art, Charlotte builds up the characters one by one in depth to satisfy its audience perfectly. Looking for an anime like Shiguang Dailiren? Why not give Charlotte a try?

anime like Shiguang Dailiren

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Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song

The plotline is dedicated to AIs who is set on eradicating making, and while doing so, the resulting carnage fills the air with the stench of death: burned bodies and spilt fresh blood. To prevent this calamity from ever happening again, a scientist decides to put everything on a remnant from the past. The series has everything you need for a hit show: smooth sequencing of animation, solid development of characters, action, drama, soundtrack that can melt your heart, and a plot that even with holes seems to be convincing enough.

Try not to overthink the plot since that will cause you to lose the entertainment and thrill this series has in store for you. The beauty of this story is the cryptic mystery surrounding Vivy. Like, you may find it completely ridiculous when the AI decides to save the world through time travel or through massive execution of humanity. But, roll with it because this is how the series is going to be enjoyable for you since you’re looking for anime like Shiguang Dailiren!

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song.

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