6ix9ine Net Worth: How Rich is Tekashi69 in 2021?

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6ix9ine Net Worth

In today’s article, we have brought all the information related to American rapper 6ix9ine, his personal life, career, net worth, and a lot more. He is one such rapper from America who gained popularity just by uploading his tracks on SoundCloud. The rapper, who started his career in 2014, gained recognition in the mainstream for his aggressive rap style. 6ix9ine is also called the most hated-watched man in rap. Let’s see what was the reason that he got this tag, and despite this, how he is making so much progress in his career.

The rapper’s real name is Daniel Hernandez, but he is famous as Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine. He is also pronounced as Six Nine by the audience.  His public image has been controversial, his rainbow-colored hair, extensive tattoos, and aggressive rap style set him apart from other rappers. Not only is his rap unique, but his performance on stage is also different. His performance on stage has been power-packed, which hardly any other rapper can compete with. Tekashi69 is popular for his song “Gummo” which is a sleeper hit. Although Daniel began his career in 2014, he got success and recognition in 2017. That year, an Instagram post by Daniel went viral on Reddit and Twitter.

After starting his career, soon many obstacles came in his way. Tekashi69 had to deal with legal issues and celebrity feuds several times. Due to this, he is considered a controversial rapper. And because of such controversies, Daniel had to go to prison as well. But even while in prison, he wrote raps and achieved a lot of commercial success after release. 

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Daniel Hernandez- 6ix9ine

Born on May 8, 1996, Daniel Hernandez was raised in Brooklyn. Daniel is of Puerto Rican descent from his father’s side and is of Mexican descent from his mother. The rapper did not know his father until he was 9 years old and had a brief connection with him. His mother told him he was dead, but in reality, he was in prison. The rapper’s childhood was not pleasant. At the age of 13, her step-father was killed at the door of their family.  Deeply saddened by the death of his father, Daniel began to imitate and was eventually expelled from school in the eighth grade for misconduct. Instead of continuing his education, he began working at various odd jobs, such as working as a busboy and a delivery boy at a grocery store to help his mother financially.

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6ix9ine Net Worth

Daniel played baseball and football all his youth and was assigned to a big soccer team at the age of 13, but his mother refused because she did not trust a stranger who took her young son. In 2012, Daniel decided to rap when he met Peter “Righteous P” Rodgers. In 2014, he started releasing rap songs starting with “69”. Within the next three years, he released several tracks and videos with titles such as Hellsing Station, Yokai, and Scumlife. He got attention to his violent rap style and the use of anime as visuals in his music videos.

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6ix9ine Net Worth

As of 2021, the total estimated net worth of American rapper 6ix9ine is $10 million. Daniel is one of the most successful rappers in the industry, famous for his debut song Gummo. He has managed to raise a huge amount with his big recording deals with 10K Projects and label recording companies 10K Projects and GlobalStreamNow. According to the sources, Daniel has secured a record transaction with 10K projects for at least $ 10 million in October 2019.  And in July 2020, he announced the signing of an agreement to record GlobalStreamNow for $ 5 million.

6ix9ine net worth

 In 2018, 6IX9INE has announced its first mixtape, ‘Day69’. The album appeared at number four on the Billboard 200 album. The same year, he had its first Billboard Hot 100 on top, ‘Fefe’. Tekashi69 has worked with celebrities such as Murda Beatz and Nikki Minaj. The song became the hottest song in the world and was released for the first time at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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