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Haikyuu Chapter 383 Release Date, Predictions, And Where to Read?

Haikyuu manga is right now in the middle of the most important matchup of recent chapters. In this post, I will talk about Haikyuu Chapter 383. This post is bound to have the spoilers of this new upcoming chapter, so do make sure that you only read this post if spoilers do not harm your integrity, if the spoilers make you happy then do make sure that you read this post right until the end.

The fans are just ecstatic about the last chapter. Haikyuu Chapter 382 was titled ‘Monsters on Parade’. The match was simply what the title hinted about, it seemed it literally monsters are playing volleyball. There were some funny scenes as well like Udai stuffing his face with an onigiri while watching. Overall the previous chapter was great

What are Haikyuu Chapter 383 Spoilers/Predictions?

Talking about the next chapter of Haikyuu manga. I’m really excited to see how Hinata goes about his business in the next chapter. He is simply playing in a den of monsters right now. Hinata’s quick reflexes and amazing speed are his major valuable assets especially when he is playing among such monsters. But in the next chapter even they might not be enough for him to make his mark on the game.

To compete among monsters, in my opinion, Hinata himself has to become a monster. Hinata has to be more aggressive and take the game to their opponents on his own. Let us see how Hinata plays in the new haikyuu manga chapter.

What is Haikyuu Chapter 383 Release Date?

The official release date of Haikyuu Chapter 383 is 09 February 2020 but the scans will be probably out by 07 February 2020. I do hope you avoid to read the new Haikyuu Chapter 383 through pirated scans. You will help the manga community by staying away from unofficial pirated websites and mobile applications. So, make sure you do not help these unauthorized websites now or in the future as well.

Hinata – Haikyuu

Where to Read Haikyuu Chapter 383?

You can read Haikyuu manga via Mangaplus and Viz Media websites and online applications, they provide free new chapters to read every week for fans. You can enjoy the best quality scans just by waiting for the official release.

Haikyuu Synopsis

Here’s the synopsis for Haikyuu:
Haikyuu is a manga written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate, and it has been running in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine since 2012. Being one of the most popular mangas of the decade, Haikyuu is loved by the fans. The manga follows the story of Hinata, a volleyball player whose team gets decimated by Kageyama. With the intention to surpass him, Hinata joins the Karasuno highschool Volleyball team, and surprisingly, end up being teammates with Kageyama. Together, the two must work to improve each other.