AESPA’s WINTER Absent From Two Days of Concerts in Japan Due To Health Concerns

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Much to several Japanese MYs’ disappointment, SM Entertainment has announced that Winter from aespa will be sitting out two days of concerts to be held at Nagoya in Japan. Fans everywhere are abrim with concern as they question the continuous absence of Winter from schedules.

Although no specific details have been revealed regarding Winter’s health, it has deteriorated to the point that she has been forced to sit out two nights of concerts that took place this weekend. SM Entertainment sent fans who purchased tickets for the concerts notices a few hours before the concert, announcing that Winter’s physical health was unfortunately not up to par and that after a consultation with a doctor, she had taken the decision to refrain from participating in the concerts held on 29th and 30th of April at Nippon Gaishi Hall. 

Nonetheless, they assured fans that the rest of the aespa members, KARINA, GISELLE, and NINGNING, would perform as per schedule. The notice thanked fans for their love and support towards aespa, and further elaborated on the ticket refund process for those who wished to withdraw their purchase. They said that details regarding the process would be intimated through email and through the ticket board My page. 

Winter of KPOP girl group AESPA
Winter of AESPA (Credits: TWT-@aespa_official)

They wrapped up their statement by sincerely apologizing for the inconvenience and disappointment caused to fans by the sudden withdrawal of Winter’s participation. Additionally, they apologized for the delayed notice and requested fans to understand the situation and how they were helpless at the time.

SM’s Official Announcement 

As the change in the concert was decided very close to the beginning of the concert, SM Entertainment could only send notices to fans everywhere a few hours before the concert, as shown above. The following notice is an announcement from SM Entertainment from April 28th, letting fans know that Winter would not be able to participate as per schedule in the ‘MUSIC STATION’ show at Asahi.

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Letter from SM announcing Winter's absence
Notices sent to fans who purchased concert tickets (Credits: TWT-@TWNATIONS_)

They also hinted at Winter’s possible absence during the Nippon Gaishi Hall concerts. Coupled with her absence from Asahi station, Winter not attending two nights of concerts fueled fans’ worries regarding the gravity of Winter’s health issues.

In addition to this, there has been recent news regarding a number of SM Entertainment’s artists taking short hiatuses due to poor health, such as NCT’s JAEHYUN, RED VELVET’s JOY, and NCT DREAM’s CHENLE. Concerns are growing amid many, sparking discussions surrounding the pressure and tiresome, hectic schedules idols are subject to in the K-pop industry.

Notice regarding Winter’s absence from Asahi Station appearance(Credits: TWT-@TWNATIONS)

Fan Response

As expected, fans flooded their social media pages in response to the upsetting news, supporting Winter and her decision to rest for a while with positive comments and wishes. Twitter, Aespa’s Instagram comment section, and even Winter’s personal Bubble chat were teeming with fans wishing Winter a fast recovery and a healthy return. Several hashtags and words related to Winter, such as .#GetWellSoonWINTER, trended on Twitter, showcasing everyone’s love for the idol. Even though fans were sad about missing Winter’s performance, her health was and always will be their priority!

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MYs trend #GetwellsoonWINTER on Twitter
MYs trend #GetWellSoonWINTER on Twitter(Credits: TWT-@TWNATIONS)

WINTER’s Message to MYs

Much to MYs’ relief, Winter returned to social media and sent MYs a message through her Bubble, reassuring them of her stable health. She asked everyone if they had been worrying a lot and assured them that she was indeed feeling fine.

She then apologized for her absence at all of the schedules she had on the 28th, 29th, and 30th, even though she had no reason to, considering her helplessness in the situation. She added that she is feeling better and that she’ll greet fans with a healthy smile once again. She ended her message by requesting fans to look forward to the upcoming promotion activities she will be taking part in, most probably referring to their nearing comeback.

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Aespa’s Upcoming Third Mini-Album ‘MY WORLD’

Although news of aespa’s comeback in 2023 was initially shrouded in rumors and controversies centered around Lee Soo Man, the group has been confirmed to release their third EP ‘MY WORLD’, as shown in the tweet below, on the 8th of May, at 6 PM KST. They also announced that there would be a pre-release of one of the tracks from the EP, named “Welcome To My World,” on May 2nd. Several other album details have been released too. Go check them out on aespa’s Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other socials!

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