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Kodi Lee
(Letf) Kodi Lee At The AGT: All-Stars

What Is Kodi Lee’s Net Worth? Kodi Taehyun Lee, or Kodi Lee, is a Korean American songwriter who first rose to fame in 2019 after America’s Got Talent Season 14 ended with Kodi as the winner. Kodi is very talented, and people acclaim him for his godly voice. I heard it, and if you are here, you probably heard him too, and hence, we would agree with “people.”

In addition to his breathtaking voice, he is also a good pianist. He writes, sings, and plays, all with several disabilities. Yes, you heard that right, “disabilities,” because readers and everyone need to understand that rather than changing words, show the world what you can achieve, like Kodi Lee.

Kodi is blind (he was born with a condition called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia), autistic, and was diagnosed with Addison’s disease (adrenal insufficiency). Despite all this, Kodi writes songs and plays the piano. He appeared in AGT Season 14 with very few expectations but outperformed everyone to grab the million-dollar prize. Though he won the million dollars, he probably didn’t get the entire sum.

AGT distributes the amount at the user’s discretion in two different ways – one cuts the money (taxes – winner gets approximately $300K according to Forbes), and the other takes long ($25K over 40 years). Anyways, let’s get to the point of interest now.

Kodi Lee’s Net Worth

The topic of Kodi Lee’s net worth is spread all over the place. And no one can certify the exact number. On the internet, his earnings appear in the range of millions. And upon closely identifying the facts, the estimated number would be between $2 – $2.5 million. Kodi’s primary source of income is his stage performance, for which he charges between $40K and $75K. The number might be more or less depending on the event.

In addition, Kodi’s public performance costs a minimum of $50 per person, and his shows usually go full. He also has a YouTube channel with videos nearing 50 and a max view of 2M. The views on his videos usually touch the 100K mark, and though I briefly know YouTube’s payment policy (it varies, and usually only the channel owners know about it), it has to add up to his net worth.

Kodi Lee, Tina Lee
Kodi Lee with Musician Neal Schon And Teddy Swims Preparing For The AGT: All-Star Kodi With His Mom Tina Lee

He also acts as a speaker for shows, sharing his life’s journey with the rest of the world. But that’s the max of his portfolio and nothing new with what all other singers and musicians do. The numbers are rough, but they do state that his net worth might be in between the estimated numbers.

He isn’t like other singers who charge millions and billions for their time. Kodi’s mother, Tina, acts as his manager and manages everything, from his accounts to his schedule and deals. She also has her profession as an activist and speaker and attends various shows.

More About Kodi Lee

Born on July 7, 1996, Kodi Taehyun Lee shook the AGT stage on May 28, 2019, while performing “Lost Without You” by Freya Ridings. It was so mesmerizing that he received 44% of the votes, winning him the AGT title. All his performances received the highest praise – golden buzzer and standing ovations.

Kodi is available on all the big platforms – Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. He has 375K followers on Instagram, and he is very active on the platform posting his every new update. And the recent posts have been all about his AGT: All-Stars performance. His most recent song was “Hello World,” released on January 2, 2023. It arrived on YouTube on January 16, 2023.

Kodi Lee seems like a great guy, talented, humble, and funny, at least from what we see on the internet. The 26-year-old has already built a multi-million-dollar empire for himself and still has a lot of time left to exploit. After winning over his biological difficulties, he has left nothing to complain about. We wish him the best for the future and hope he keeps expanding.

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