Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 11: Recap, Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Doctor Romantic Season 3 [Source: SBS]

K-dramas are gaining popularity all over the world. The reason is their amazing storyline and capitative acting by the actors. Medical K-dramas are also quite popular among K-drama fans. Some well-known medical dramas are Hospital Playlist, Doctor Romantic, and on-air drama Doctor Cha. The success of these dramas is enough to prove their popularity among fans. 

Cast of Doctor Romantic Season 3
Doctor Romantic Season 3 [Source: SBS]
Doctor Romantic is an ongoing drama with a total of 3 seasons and 47 episodes. Its first season was released on November 7, 2016, with a total of 20 episodes and 1 special episode. Seeing its popularity, SBS decided to continue the drama with 2nd and 3rd seasons. The second season aired from January 6 to February 25, 2020. 

The third season was scheduled to shoot and air in early 2021. But due to Covid-19 and the actor’s busy schedules, it was postponed. Finally, this year Doctor Romantic is back with season 3. 

The cast for season 3 is almost the same as the earlier seasons. Han Suk-kyu plays the role of Kim Sa-bu, Yoo Yeon-Seok plays the role of Kang Doo-joo, Seo Woo-jin plays the role of Ahn Hyo-Seop, Cha Eun-Jae plays the role of Lee Sung-Kyung and park Min-gook plays the role of Lim Joo-hun as the lead cast. Some of the new faces of recurring actors we see in Season 3 are Lee Shin-young as Jang Dong-Hwa, Lee Hong-nae as Lee Sun-woong, and Lee Geung-Young as Cha Ji-Man. 

Doctor Romantic Season 3
Doctor Romantic Season 3 [Source: SBS]
The latest episode of Doctor Romantic is scheduled to release on June 02, 2023. This article will provide you with information on where and how you can watch the latest episode. 

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Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 10: Recap

At the beginning of episode 10, the news of nurse Park Euntak and Doctor Woojin being stuck in the collapsed building broke out. Due to no update from the accident site Doctor Kim Sa-bu becomes frustrated and decides to go there himself. 

On reaching the site, Sa-bu tried to contact Euntak and Woojin on call, but it gets disconnected. He at least closed hope, but suddenly call got connected. Euntak picks up the call and updates about the injury of Woonjin and the other survivors down there. Sa-bu insists on do down the collapsed building to save them all. 

On reaching the collapsed site, Sa-bu analyzes the situation. He tries to cut the rode, which is stuck on Woojin’s writs and one person’s chest. Meanwhile, Dong-Hwa also comes down to help. They all successfully rescue all the rest survivors and Doctor Woojin too. 

Doldam Hospital became busy again because of the more injured patients coming in. Sa-bu decided to treat Woojin himself. Meanwhile, the school teacher who saved all the students was also badly injured and was treated immediately. All the doctors were able to save all the last survivors, including Doctor Wookin and the teacher. 

A bit after, Sa-bu and Dong-Hwa provided a comic scene where Donh-Hwa how he’s amazed by Sa-Bu at the site and reveals how he was able to stay in Dolma Hospital for so long. Sa-bu replies to him by saying, “Maybe you like me.” Dong-hwa feels cringy and runs away. 

Assemblywoman KO reached Doldam for treatment of her injury due to being stuck in the collapsed building, but she was not allowed to get treatment by Myung-sim because it was not seen as an emergency. Meanwhile, Moon-Jeong understood Mrs. KO’s ankle injury and immediately ordered to get done surgery. Assemblywoman KO cries down as she was ignored at first and her son wasn’t saved in the same hospital, but on being comforted by Moon-Jeong, she agrees to get the surgery done. 

Doctor Romantic Season 3 [Source: SBS]
In the end, we saw Sa-bu and Moon-Jeong reminiscing about their journey as a doctor at Doldam Hospital. Sa-bu says, “It’s all thanks to you guys”. Sa-bu continues to encourage and comfort Moon-Jeong. 

Cha Jin-man reaches Doldam to meet Sa-bu. Both get into very suspicious talks, which brings very curiosity to viewers. Sa-bu commented on Jin-man, asking what he was up to; Sa-bu replied, “You are my Plan B, Jin-man.” 

Episode 10 ended with a cliffhanger on which kind of plan b is Sa-bu talking about.

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Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 11: Release Date and Time

Doctor Romantic, Episode 11 will air for audience access on 2nd June 2023 Friday at 9:50 P.M. [K.S.T.].

  • Pacific Standard Time [P.C.T.]- at 5:50 A.M. on 2nd June 2023, Friday
  • Greenwich Mean Time [G.M.T]- at 12:50 P.M. on 2nd June 2023, Friday
  • Indian Standard Time [I.S.T.] at 6:20 P.M. on 2nd June 2023, Friday
  • Australian Standard Time [A.C.T] at 10:20 P.M. on 2nd June 2023, Friday
  • Japan Standard Time [J.S.T] at 9:20 P.M. on 2nd June 2023, Friday

Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 11: Streaming Guide 

Doctor Romantic Season 3 Episode 10 will be available for South Korean viewers on the SBS tv network channel, Wavve, and Disney+ Korea. For international viewers, the series will be available on Disney+Hotstar and Kocowa with English subtitles. If anyone wants to watch the first two seasons of Doctor Romantic, they are available on Netflix with English subtitles too. 

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