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Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 5 Review

Taxi Driver season 2 release poster
Taxi Driver Season 2 Release Poster. (Credits: SBS Korea)

The iconic sequel of Taxi Driver is back with its season 2 to have our hearts for the second time. The series, which will contain 16 episodes, will air on SBS on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 PM in place of Payback: Money and Power. The duration of Taxi Driver season 2, episode 5, is 65 minutes.

On February 17, 2023, the SBS Network in South Korea debuted the second season of the South Korean television series Taxi Driver. Based on Lee Doo-webcomic ho’s “Mobeomtaxi,” which stars Kim Seung-Yul and Park Se-Joon (Season 2), it has Lee Doo-ho as the creator. Ha Joon, a troublemaker cab driver who unintentionally discovers a hidden passageway leading to an enigmatic universe, is the story’s main character.

It will be accessible globally on Netflix. Kim Do Gi, portrayed by Lee Je Hoon, Jang Sung Chul, portrayed by Kim Eui Sung, and Ahn Go Eun, portrayed by Pyo Ye Jin. And Jang Sung Chul, portrayed by Jang Hyuk Jin, is the main character in Taxi Driver Season 2. In the series, Bae Yoo Ram also has a part to play.

Cast Of Taxi Driver Season 2

Cast Of Taxi Driver Season 2 (Credits: SBS Korea)

The plot of the show:

The Rainbow Deluxe Taxi crew—Kim Do Gi, Jang Sung Chul, Ahn Go Eun, Gyeong Gu, and Jin Eon—is the focus of Taxi Driver Season 2’s plot. The season begins with Do Ki’s torturous retaliation against his mother’s murderer coming to a conclusion, but the wounds still linger. The gang split up following Do Gi’s effective reprisals, but they can’t resist the urge to aid individuals who are the victims of injustice.

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Kim Do-gi, a former soldier who becomes a cab driver with a hidden motive to seek justice for victims who were unable to do so through legal channels, was the focus of Taxi Driver Season 1. The first season revealed more about Kim Do-Gi and the traumas that inspired him to become a vigilante while also showing him working with a group of vigilantes to punish those responsible for horrible acts.


The lead character in Taxi Driver Season 2 is Kim Do Gi, who is portrayed by South Korean actor Lee Je Hoon. The lead character in Taxi Driver Season 2 is Kim Do Gi, who is portrayed by South Korean actor Lee Je Hoon.

Actor Lee Je-hoon was born in South Korea on July 4, 1984. He began his career in independent films before moving on to commercial productions such as The Front Line (2011), Architecture 101 (2012), and My Paparotti (2013).

He has also starred in television series such as Fashion King (2012), Secret Door (2014), Signal (2016), Tomorrow, With You (2017), Where Stars Land (2018), Taxi Driver (2021), and Move to Heaven (2021).

He is an employee of Rainbow Taxi and specializes in pursuing and punishing criminals on behalf of his customers. Nearly the entire primary cast, including Lee Je Hoon, has returned for the second season. He introduces a brand-new avatar for his character in Taxi Driver Season 2.

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Actor Kim Eui-sung was born in South Korea on December 17, 1965. He is well-known for his work in the movies Train to Busan (2016), The Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (2015), The Day a Pig Dropped into the Well (1996), Office (2015), and Taxi Driver (2016). (2021).

Kim Eui Sung plays the role of Jang Sung Chul in Taxi Driver Season 2. One of the series’ key characters and the boss of Rainbow Taxi Company. As Jang Sung Chul from the previous season, Kim Eui Sung returns.

Taxi Driver season 2 (credits: tumblr)

Taxi Driver Promo For Second Season. (credits: SBS Korea)

Ahn Go Eun in Taxi Driver is portrayed by South Korean actress Pyo Ye Jin. She was born in Changwon, South Korea, on February 3, 1992. For her part in a number of television programs, including “VIP” and “While You Were Sleeping,” Pyo Ye Jin is well-known.

In the movie Taxi Driver, Pyo Ye Jin portrays the role of Ahn Go Eun. She joined Rainbow Taxi Company after her older sister’s suicide and is a proficient hacker. In the series, Ahn Go Eun’s life is revolutionized after U Data posts illegally captured footage of her late sister before her death. Moreover, Ahn Go Eun and Kim Do Gi are suggested to be dating in fan-made videos on YouTube.

Gyeong Gu is portrayed by South Korean actor and television personality Lee Ho Cheol in the film Taxi Driver. He graduated from Myongji College and was born on December 11, 1985, in Daegu, South Korea. In the series, Lee Ho Cheol’s character battles Lee Je Hoon and shows no mercy.

Lee Ho Cheol portrays the character of Gyeong Gu in the movie Taxi Driver. He is Gu Seok Tae and Gu Young Tae’s sibling. In episodes 7-8 of the show, Gyeong Gu makes an appearance and assists Ahn Go Eun in looking into the death of her sister.

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Episode 5: Recap and Review

First, off the news, you will not be happy to hear, in fact, none of the taxi driver fans would be, but here it is. The show will run the next week on March 11, according to SBS. The drama won’t air episode 6 until March 10, when a World Baseball Classic game will show in its place.

The news makes fans disappointed because it means they’ll have to wait a week to watch the next episode. The show’s fifth episode recently set a new personal best mark for the drama. Now the review for episode 5 is here for you to know everything before diving in. In the opening moments of Taxi Driver season 2, episode 5, Do Gi is surprised to learn that Ha-Joon has moved next door.

In another scene, a little girl is seen escaping the clutches of two thugs who are pursuing her through the streets. Fortunately, she succeeds in doing so. Later, Ha-Joon is seen attempting to access the underground corridor, but the lift malfunctions and prevents him from learning the Rainbow Taxi team’s true secret. This is because after catching Ha-Joon earlier that day, Sung-Chul requested Kyung-goo and Jin-eon to barricade that entrance.

The following morning, Go-Eun is prepared to continue looking for a home when she feels someone staring at her. But, before she can confirm her hunch, Ha-Joon interrupts her, and they begin looking for homes in Do-taxi.

Do Gi’s When a shadow unexpectedly runs in front of his taxi as he is returning, Do Gi abruptly applies the brakes. When the three try to approach her, it is none other than the young girl from the previous evening who runs away once more. But Do Gi immediately locates her and brings her to their main office.

Taxi Driver season 2 (credits:AllK-Pop)

Taxi Driver season 2 promo. (credits: SBS Korea)

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There, he brings up his concerns about the little girl as well as the fact that he had phoned the police to tell Sung-Chul. When Do Gi learns that the folks who identified themselves as her “parents” to the police do not even recognize her photo, their suspicions are quickly verified.

After that, he pursues the men who instructed the “mother” to contact the police and locate a consulting firm that will build them a home. Later, after discussing the seriousness of the situation and deciding to check into it further, the team chooses not to include the little girl in any way, not realizing that she is already listening to their talk. Later, when she vanishes but is discovered by Do Gi in the deluxe taxi.

He formally accepts the mission there and starts the mission without any planning or knowledge beforehand. He quickly discovers that it’s not as simple as it seems to meet the firm’s principal, particularly if he doesn’t conceal himself.

He then suggests to Go-Eun that they get married and act like newlyweds after reflecting on this. The two quickly get organized and start their strategy; they manage to attend his presentation and get a chance to receive individual counseling from their key figure. Regrettably, their work was not done because they were unable to schedule a private counseling session.

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The Final Verdict:

Without a doubt, we are thrilled and eager for the season’s next installment after seeing yet another entertaining and intriguing episode of Taxi Driver. Our hearts have undoubtedly been won over by the much anticipated Do Gi and Go-Eun moments, and we are certainly not complaining.

A still from Taxi Driver Season 2 (credits: Vietnam Posts)

A still from Taxi Driver Season 2 (credits: SBS Korea)

On the other side, the issue this time is incredibly exciting because human trafficking is unquestionably a crime, and I’m interested to see how the case is resolved this time. This time, the season has not let us down.

The cases selected are just so expertly handled and carried out. In addition, my mistrust of Ha-Joon has grown once more, although there is still hope. It is really a must-watch K- Drama. It should be watched at least once in a lifetime. 

Our Rating: ⭐ (4/5).

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