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Who Is Kim Jeong Hoon? Why is He So Iconic?

Who Is Kim Jeong Hoon?
Who Is Kim Jeong Hoon?

Who Is Kim Jeong Hoon? He is a South Korean singer, actor, and television personality and also goes by the alias John Hoon. He debuted as a member of the boy band UN and has since appeared in various television dramas and movies. In 2010, he made his solo debut with the mini album Kim Jeong Hoon’s First Story. He has also released two digital singles, “Don’t Cry” and “Second Story.” In 2012, he played a role in the SBS show “Dummy Mommy.” Kim Jeong Hoon began his mandatory military service on April 28, 2009, and was discharged two years after, on February 28, 2011.

Kim’s Education

Did you know that Kim wanted to spend his time working on the test tubes and Petri dishes as a lab researcher? Fortunately for us, he decided on other career paths. Initially, he went to Seoul’s National University and studied dentistry. But he changed his heart and focused on his passion, acting. So, he enrolled at Chung-Ang University and majored in acting.

Who Is Kim Jeong Hoon?

Kim performing live

Burgeoning Acting Career

By 2005 he was already getting his acting gigs in K-dramas like “A Man and A Woman” and “Orange.” But he hit it big when he landed a gig in the MBC drama Princess Hours with Ju Ji-hoon and Yoon Eun-hye. In this production, he played a teenage prince named Yul who returns to Korea to claim his crown and a woman who is supposed to marry him. That role catapulted him to fame, and he’s starred in dramas like “Immutable Law of First Love,” “Goong” and “Her Legend.”

As Singer For UN

UN, also known as United N-generation, was a K-pop duo that focused on R&B, k-pop, and pop from South Korea mde up by Kim Jeong-hoon and Choi Jung-won released a total of five albums from 2000 to 2005. The two members of UN, both graduates of Korea’s top universities, formed the group in 1999, but their debut album wasn’t released until June 2000.Β Five years after their debut, the duo’s management company, Laful Entertainment, announced in September 2005 that they would break up when their contract expired.Β The band won in 2001 several awards, like the Korean Music Award for gayodaesang, A SBS award for “Gift”, another for “Wave,” and two for “Miracle” in 2002.

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