What Happened Last Night On ‘The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5’? Zach Gets COVID

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The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5
Zach gets COVID (CC: ABC)

Welcome to The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5, where this time Zach and the gang are headed to London, England, and I’m taking bets on how long it takes for someone to say “Pip, Pip, cheerio”. My bad, Zach said it three seconds into the episode. So to start this week, the women are getting pumped up as they get to visit Jolly Old England, but none more so than Greer here.

While speaking to all the girls, Greer said that she would lose it if it was a tea party. She loves tea so much that has a tattoo of a teacup on her hand. Then she said, she got her first impression of rose the first night. And that recently she told Zach how much she loves tea. So naturally, the first one-on-one goes to Gabi. Leaving Greer like, “I am dead inside”.

What Happened Last Night On The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5?

So Gabi has been gifted the annual Pretty Woman date and as Zach puts it, “What I have in store today, on the one-on-one date, is like the epitome of romance,” AKA spending a lot of cash. They visit a 300-year-old fragrance shop to create their own unique smell. So while trying different perfumes Gabi was like “this one kind of smells like sour patch kids when somebody’s eating them next to you.” The second perfume for her was like “getting Christmas with mixed with a little bit of weed”.

Then they get served high tea by a royal Butler before trying on fancy hats and visiting corgis from the royal bloodline. Honestly, they’d need to check my bags after this date, because if it were me, I’d be walking out of there like “I took two dogs already. They’re in the back of my van”.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5
Zach and Gabi on a date (CC: ABC)

Then, of course, finally, Gabi gets to try on some fancy dresses. And when Gabi comes out wearing the blue dress, Zach looks at her like she’s covered in peanut butter cups. But really, the diabolical part of this date is that Gabi gets to keep all the things she tries on, meaning she then has to walk back to the other women covered in shopping bags.

But for Greer, the knife and the heart isn’t that Gabi got Jimmy Choo shoes or a butt load of jewelry, it was hearing about the high tea. And after hearing that Gabi got to have the tea date, Greer was like “that one cut deep because I told Zach how much I love tea. It was like rubbing dirt, like in the wound.” Somewhere Zach is slapping his forehead, going, “Oh yeah, Greer was the tea girl, Dang it.”

So Greer storms off and production says “Oh, OK, have your meltdown right here in the lobby of the hotel. This is the perfect spot. OK, go ahead.” Basically, Greer was sitting and kind of crying in front of Gabi’s room door. So Greer had to once again see that woman’s face who stole her tea date from her.

The Nasty Editors

So Gabi didn’t have the night portion of her date where she gets to wear the fancy peanut buttercup dress that had Zach doing the awooga face from old cartoons. And while these two talk about being imperfect, despite this perfect date.

Back with the women, the group Date card comes out revealing that Charity will be getting the other one-on-one for the week. And yet another woman has a freakout, knowing another week will go by without them getting that alone time.

And this girl said that Zach is what she wanted and that he was perfect. And then the nasty editors cut to Gabi’s night date clip with Zach where she says that she doesn’t want him to be perfect. She doesn’t even want him to try to be perfect. And she doesn’t want somebody to expect her to be perfect. But yeah, that was some good editing.

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The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5
The night portion of Zach and Gabi’s date (CC: ABC)

Women Go On A London Tour, Without Zach

So after a very sweet date that has amazingly no trauma dumping, Gabi eventually gets her date rose. All the while, the other ladies are ready to shake off the jealousy and enjoy some time with Zach. That is until they get this news/message saying that unfortunately, Zach is a little under the weather, but he does not want to ruin the women’s time in London. Then Zach tells them to enjoy their time an that he will see them soon. 

And one of the girls was like “You know, you get that card and it says that he’s under the weather. Like, what does that mean?” I don’t know. To me, it sounds like he has COVID. Well, that’s OK, the ladies get to tour through London by themselves, they get rained on, and then they try to cheer themselves up by twerking in front of a fake royal guard.

Eventually, things turn to the night portion of the date, where for some reason they’re expecting Zach to show up as if he could just go: “Sickness Be Gone”. They even put out a little rose here, as if Zack will be able to hand one out. But Nope.

After a while, this guy shows up with a note and in it, Zach says that he hopes the girls had an amazing day seeing London. He wished he could have been there. Then he goes on to say that unfortunately, he is still not feeling well enough to join them tonight. This is devastating. I mean, they all got dolled up for this. Look how much glitter Jess wasted on her neck.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5 Recap
Jess with glitters (CC: ABC)

Zach’s Got COVID

Well, the next day things don’t get better, as well Charity waits to see if Zach has recovered for their one-on-one. Instead, in walks Jesse Palmer with some bad news. He gives the ladies the news that Zach tested positive for COVID. Then Jesse goes on to say “So the $1,000,000 question now is what are we gonna do?” I dunno, maybe get some swabs out and test all these girls, especially this Gabi who was with Zach the night before he came back positive for COVID. That might be a great beginning.

Now, at this point, they’re still like 40 minutes of the episode left, so they try to fill it up by having one of the front runners, Katie, go visit Zach outside of his room. And then they give us flashbacks to quarantine times by setting up zoom calls for Zach with everyone else. Because you know, the show must go on. And that even includes Jesse saying that later tonight, Zach is going to be holding the first-ever virtual rose ceremony. And that two of the girls will be going.

Yep, one of these poor ladies is about to be dumped over a Zoom call. So they make Zach set up a little studio in his room so each one of the women can come and talk to him through an iPad. Zach even has production high little gifts for the women, like the many Big Ben he gets for charity to make up for their missed one-on-one.

Zach Gets Irritated At Greer

Then, one after the other, all the ladies come out saying how wonderful their virtual time with Zach was. Well, except for the one woman who’s been spiraling more than anyone else all week, Greer. She comes in trying to make a connection with Zach by telling him about the time she got COVID at the end of her work year.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5 Recap
Zach gets irritated with Greer (CC: ABC)

She says that she works in sales and so the last time she had COVID, it was at the end of the year. So she kind of knows what it’s like to have a goal that you’re trying to achieve and you can’t do it. But this rubs Zach the wrong way because he thinks there’s a bit of a difference between him trying to find his future wife and her losing out on her end-of-year sales.

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Zack says that he thinks it’s completely different, at least from his perspective, from him being frustrated on finding his future wife versus the end of sales at the end of the year. Now, this is the last thing that this woman who’s already hanging on by a thread needs to hear. So Greer finishes her conversation and goes off to have a cry, thinking that she’s now headed home.

Meanwhile, I was here like dude, she was just trying to relate to you. Also, someone’s career can be just as important as you finding love. But you know, I guess Zach has COVID and it’s pretty easy to get grumpy when you’ve got all that going on. Plus, Greer is someone he’s likely lost his connection with, so I bet he’s already looking for an out there anyways. Still, I gotta say, I don’t think she did anything wrong.

The Bachelor’s First Virtual Rose Ceremony

But with that, we can now move into the row ceremony for the week, which has been set up in this stinky little hotel room with some roses and a TV. And of course, this time, the story here is going to be whether or not Tea Girl Greer will be getting a rose.

But yeah, Zach gives Greer the last Rose. So with that, Greer gets another week while Mercedes and Kylie have to say their final goodbyes to a TV screen, and all of a sudden Greer is over the moon thinking that everything is back on track.

The Bachelor Season 27 Week 5 Recap
Greer gets the rose (CC: ABC)

Greer says that she is so excited, her jaw dropped when she got her rose and she can’t wait to touch Zach. Enjoy that feeling, for now, Greer, because the reality is that Zach is not gonna be keeping you around for much longer. So that’s it for this recap of week five of The Bachelor Season 27 Week 5.

What Will Happen In The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 6?

Now, there are also a couple of other quick moments from The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 6 preview that matched this shot with Charity. In this shot, Zach says to Charity that he loves her and that he can see a future with her. Then we see a shot where Charity says “I’m terrified that at the end of this, it’s not me.”

So with what we know now, I think these two moments add to the idea that this is from a hometown. The first is this very much daytime shot with Charity and what looks like happy tears. As the preview implied, maybe she’s talking with a family member and not Zach.

Then here we have this shot where she’s saying at the end of this, it’s not me. Very common lingo for a hometown as contestants often expressed to their loved ones their fear that what if “at the end of this, it’s not me”. Ultimately as I see it, the only evidence stronger than this that Charity would be getting a hometown is literally seeing her in her hometown with her family. So I think we can lock her into the final four.

Date With Brooklyn 

Then further in The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 6 Preview on a date with Brooklyn Zach say that he can absolutely see a future with her. Zach, come on man say something new. Then he says, that being able to fall in love with her has been nothing more than amazing. then he says that he can confidently say that he knows his wife is here, but also someone’s gonna get hurt regardless.

Oh, you know what this means. We’re about to head into the drama section of the preview, but not before touching on a section all about Brooklyn. So I think that this shot is a fake out. Brooklyn does have a one-on-one in Hungary to come, but I don’t think Zach is wearing the suit he is wearing in the Preview during the night portion of their date. I believe he’s wearing a grey suit.

Now in the season preview, they threw out a ton of footage with Zach at this moment and paired it with some fake proposal stuff to make it seem like Zach could be getting dumped at the final rose ceremony. But we sleuth out that this was actually in Hungary and is likely from his date with Brooklyn. Hungary looks to be the episode right before hometowns, and in each season that episode seems to always have someone being sent home on their one-on-one.

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After all, each rose handed out that week means a hometown spot. So all this crying is likely from the emotions of sending home someone that Zach does care about. Or hey, maybe Brooklyn even self-eliminates. But either way, they’ve set the shot up to lead us away from the idea that things might go wrong on their next one-on-one. But let’s now get into the drama.

Jess Hasn’t Got An One-On-One Date Yet

But then the other main part of this section of the preview is all this business with Jess. Now here she’s talking about not getting a one-on-one yet, which honestly I think is a fair thing to be worried about at this point historically if things are getting this close to the final four and you’ve not had a one-on-one yet.

It’s probably right to be wondering why you’re even here and all of this business matches up with a moment that they showed us all the way back in the first look season preview. So I’d wager that this one-on-one stuff comes out of the left field for Zach. Perhaps he was even going to keep Jess around for another week, but this then leads to her either being sent home or self-eliminating. Meaning I anticipate that she’ll be gone next week.

The Bachelor Season 27 Week 5 Recap
Jess is sad because she hasn’t got an date yet (CC: ABC)

Then in the Preview, we’ve got a lot of emotion on display, like with Greer as she’s seen walking away. This moment looks like something we see almost every season. Someone goes to the lead’s room outside of the normal group date or one-on-one time and it turns into a breakup. At this point, high tea Greer is hanging on by a thread anyway, so seeing her go is not surprising. The real question is whether or not this happens in Estonia or Hungary.

Then we have Brooklyn saying she’s ready to take things to the next step, which here I believe is her talking about hometowns and not the fantasy suite as the preview is trying to imply. But we know based on our previous sleuthing that Zach won’t be on the same page.

Who Will Zach Choose? Katie Or Gabi

Now that mixed with the sleuthing from the season preview that shows Gabi on not one, but two Thailand dates and I think at this point we can call it. It’s Katie and Gabi in the final two. And right ahead, we’re about to get our first look at the real final rose ceremony, not the fake one they filmed in the season preview.

Here Zach says that it’s been really a heartbreaking journey for him, but he found his love. then he says he caused pain and had made mistakes. OK, quickly pausing here to say that this really looks like Zach just broke up with the runner-up for the season, which means we’ll be seeing both ladies show up that day

The Bachelor Season 27 Week 5
Zach’s final rose ceremony (CC: ABC)

I only point that out as it’s been fairly common in recent seasons for a breakup with the person that the lead is not going to pick to happen before they make it to this final rose ceremony location. And at the end, Zach says that his heart has been pulled in separate directions. Then he goes on to say that standing here with the ring he just hopes that all will be worth it. 

The preview ends with Zach in a ring as he’s ready to get down on one knee and this season looks to be ending very traditionally. Now, who will Zach be proposing to between Katie and Gabbi? At this point, I’m sticking to my theory from the season preview and saying, Gabi. However, I am just running on the theory, so let me know your thoughts as well.

Other than that, we have one more open hometown spot and eliminations for next week to discuss. So if the trend from last week continues, at the next row ceremony we’ll be seeing two women go home. Jess is likely one, but that leaves someone else. I think it could be Aly with Katherine and Brooklyn going home the week after and Greer going home whenever that scene where she walks out on Zach happens, either next week or in Hungary. This leaves just Aerial for that last hometown spot.

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