Evil Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date: Kristen’s Frozen Egg Was Not Destroyed

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Evil Season 3 Episode 10
Evil Season 3 Episode 10

You’re about to watch an incredible ending on Evil Season 3 Episode 10, possibly unlike any other. It has a variety of different elements at its core, but the theme of vengeance may be the most apparent. Oh, and regret.

The different layers of faith are something that the Paramount+ series has always let us see. This story features both holy characters and those who are obviously flawed and battle temptation and trauma. Among other things, Monsignor Korecki’s passing will be a hardship for David going ahead.

Despite the fact that they didn’t always agree, he served as a mentor to the Mike Colter character. The fact that Leland was responsible for his death makes it even harder to accept. Theoretically, this man might have been stopped a long ago.

In episode 9, when Kristen learned that the lady who was carrying her child had been cruelly murdered by her husband, she struggled with her grief. Dr. Boggs requests her opinion on his “book” when she sees him. Ben is terrified by the most recent case and decides to take matters into his own hands. The “demon” also begins to stalk him like clockwork. Leland takes great steps to prevent Grace from disrupting his evil plans.

Evil Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Before diving into Evil Season 3 Episode 10, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous Episode. In Episode 9, Dr. Boggs and Kristen discuss Kristen’s most recent trauma. She feels bad for being relieved that another woman won’t be caring for her child. She is reassured by Dr. Boggs that everyone experiences dark thoughts. He recommends that they meet once a week, but Kristen isn’t so sure.

Evil Season 3 Episode 10
Evil Season 3 Episode 9

Later on the same day, the trio stops by a man who is hiding out on his boat at the docks. The man is confident that he is being hounded by a demon after he made an enormous amount of wealth overnight. Victor calls David during this visit to let him know that Grace needs him. Grace is overjoyed to finally recognize a familiar face.

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David makes a breakthrough in the case as a result of his encounter with Grace. As they look into similar incidents, they discover that every one of the demon’s prior victims had received a tip about DF. It is likely that the demon would begin following anyone who gained financial success by purchasing DF stocks after learning about them from a former victim. Now we will discuss when will Episode 10 of Evil Season 3 will release and what will happen in it.

Evil Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date & Preview

Evil Season 3 Episode 10 will release on 14 August 2022 on Paramount+. This episode is titled “The Demon Of The End”. It is directed by John Dahl and written by Rockne S. O’Bannon. The Synopsis of episode 10 is as follows: “The trio explores a home that is being terrorized by a demonic infestation, and they are surprised to learn that Kristen’s house is right next door. Meanwhile, Kristen discovers to her shock that her frozen egg was not destroyed and was bought secretly, setting off on a new journey”.

Evil Season 3 Episode 10
Evil Season 3 Episode 10 – Preview

We expect that David, Kristen, and other characters will attempt to at least partially balance the world in this finale. However, the major concern here is how precisely they want to achieve that. Given that some risks are always there, eliminating them entirely won’t be an easy task. We see this as more of the best effort on their part. The good news is that we can already say with certainty that Evil season 4 is on the way. This at least takes that worries off of our minds for a little while. On the other hand, this does also mean that there might be a big cliffhanger at the end that you need to prepare for.

Evil Season 3 Episode 10 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 10 of Evil Season 3 will air at 12 am PT on Paramount+. New episodes of Evil are released every Wednesday. You must have a Paramount+ subscription in order to watch Evil because it is a Paramount+ original. There are two options: the $4.99/month ad-supported variant and the $9.99/month ad-free variant.

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The Premium option offers both the ability to download shows for later watching and access to the local CBS channel. If you live in the UK and would like to watch Evil’s third season, you may do so on the Alibi channel. This means that both Virgin TV and Sky TV will offer the show. It might also be accessible through Sky’s NOW streaming service, which after a seven-day free trial, costs £99 per month.

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