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Wrong Turn 2021 Ready To Hit Screens

Wrong Turn is a horror movie picture already released in theatres. It is actually the continuation and reboot of The Wrong Turn series, and it is called the 7th edition of the same. Wrong Turn movie has been released in theatres for just one night. Later the film will be made available to the viewers in the form of DVDs.

The wrong Turn involving the production in the source from various Nations live United States Germany, and Canada. The movie which is been directed by Alan McElroy has not got a broader view of positive reviews by the audience many of them are asking for their money back after watching the film many have commented that it was just good, many of the views were the complaint that the movie had lacked the essence of basic or which was supposed to be present in a horror film, but certainly it lacks, as said by many viewers.

Wrong Turn- Cast & Plot Details

The cast of the film involves the actors like Charlotte Vega as Jen Shaw, Adain Bradley as Darius Clemons, Emma Dumont as Milla D’Angelo, Bill Sage as Venable, Vardaan Arora as Gary Amaan, Daisy Head as Edith, Dylan McTee as Adam Lucas, Matthew Modine as Scott, Tim de Zarn as Nate Roades, Ardian Favela as Luis Ortiz, Valerie Jane Parker as Corrine and Chaney Marrow as Hobbs.

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The story is about Six friends who go hiking on the Appalachian Trail, the friends include Jennifer Shaw, her boyfriend Darus, her best friend Milla, her boyfriend Adam, and with them also accompanying a gay couple Luis and Gary. The six friends become the prey of a tribe named Foundation, who had been living up in the mountains for hundreds of years without seeing any other human apart from their community. For that tribe, they must have assumed themselves as the only being on the planet, and these friends are caught for a different crime and brought up in front of the chief of the tribe.

Jennifer and her boyfriend later try to convince the members of the tribe by saying that they will become the members of their tribe, just as to save off themselves for the time being, and later on, they will probably figure out something to get out of the mess. Jennifer’s Father gets worried after waiting for her daughter’s return for a very long time. She won’t return till the tribe doesn’t spare them, after a very long wait, Jennifer’s father is sent to find her daughter all alone by himself to the mountains.

Later, by hook and crook, Jennifer’s father manages to find and then flew off from the grip of the tribe members, as the proposal made by Jennifer and her boyfriend to become the member of their tribe. The tribe member made the foundation head to the couple, and later, when Jennifer’s husband, who is the main lead of the tribe, orders everyone at the dinner table, it is shown that Jennifer is pregnant, and later Jennifer and her husband agree to escape from the Trail after they realize that they must be saving their child and at last it is shown that every one of the tribe is murdered and Jennifer is shown walking away proudly.

This ends the movie at this point, didn’t felt anything terrifying for you or what it was labeled as a horror movie then you are not alone most of the viewer who went to the theatres on the first and the only last night of the film complained that the film was not worth watching and they had wasted their time and money. The trailer had received quite a good appreciation than what the film in totally had received now. But, it rests upon you that how will you perceive this film as a cat mouse race or as a horror film, that certainly rests you. But as you can now no longer enjoy the movie in theatres but now very soon it will be made available on DVD’s, and you can surely enjoy and the comment upon it.

Wrong Turn- Release Date

The movie had released on January 26,2021.which was earlier scheduled to be released in the year 2020, but due to obvious reason of the pandemic that has shut down the theatres all across the world had made the makers shift the dates of the release to January 2021, which was announced in December 2020. Now, as the new trend has set in of releasing the movie in theatres for just one night, the Wrong Turn too had been on theatre screen for just one night. Probably, due to the heavy lineup of the films due to the pandemic, the system might have decided so as every movie gets a chance to get a place on big screens. Later, the movie will be made available on DVD’S on February 23, 2021, by Lionsgate Home Entertainment, so you need to wait for some days to enjoy the horror film- Wrong Turn.

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