Infinite Mage Chapter 23: Everything to Know

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Infinite Mage
Infinite Mage

“Infinite Mage” opens us to Vincent Arain waking in the middle of the night after hearing the piercing cries of a baby. He and his wife, Olina Arian, adopted the baby and named him Shrione Arian. Years pass by. We now find Shirone, a young lad of twelve. He is interested in the mystical arts of magic. He accompanies his father to the forest to help him fall timbers. However, the kids in his neighbourhood often ridicule him for being a lanky little boy.

Shrione’s thirst for magic is unquenchable, and it is one fateful day when his world changes upside down. He had accompanied his father to the city Creas of the Thoria Kingdom. He learns that a dichotomy exists between people like him, the commoners, and the distinct stratum, the nobles. Vincent leaves his son to an older man, whom Shirone calls grampa. However, curiosity gets the better of Shirone and leads him to a bookstore, where he is ejected.

The troubles don’t cease here, as Shrione is caught by the police, who think he is a nuisance. In a desperate attempt to evade the police, Shirone runs, finds himself in an unknown location, and eavesdrops on something. They are talking about magic!

Shirone is detected by the Headmaster of the Alpheas Magic Academy, Myrhe Alpheas, and he recognizes the prodigious talent Shirone imbues within him. A brilliant child indeed! Here, little Shirone embarks on a journey to becoming a phenomenal mage.

Infinite Mage Headmaster
Infinite Mage Headmaster

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Infinite Mage Chapter 22 recap

We open to a cautious Amy approaching Shirone, wary of the potential revelation of her delinquent past to the entire class. A weight of guilt rests on Amy’s shoulders even though five years have passed since she tormented little Shrione with her gang of bullies.

Shirone Arian, the newly enrolled student, has left an excellent impression on the class with his unparalleled talent in the Spirit Realm. This irks Amy as she witnesses the spectacle and realizes the talented Shirone is unmatched in the Omnipotence Aspect. A sordid past haunts her when she is lost in her flashbacks. Oh, what a glib talker Shirone is! He catches the conceited Amy astounded by his facile rhetoric of her simply apologizing.

Infinite Mage Chapter 22
Infinite Mage Chapter 22 Stills

Amy holds pride in her image as the top of the class, and here is a little sagacious muggle asking her to apologize. She snickered at Shirone, retaliating back with a question. What if Shirone violates her trust and exposes her as a wanton woman? Cheeky indeed! To have the upper hand, the shrewd Amy resorts to telling the class that Shirone has an affection towards her.

However, Amy undermined the formidable adversary Shirone. He is not going to lose so simply. After all, he was the victim; she was a dirty little delinquent and a libertine. How could he lose? But no one pays heed to Shirone, as Amy has already won, or so it seems!

Amy’s happiness is transient. She is occupied with the feeling that she has won this brawl. It is when we smell the aromatic hint of vengeance pervading the air. So my dear readers, read “Infinite Mage- Chapter 22” to learn more about this cat-and-mouse game.

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Infinite Mage Chapter 23 Release Date

Infinite Mage or Wizard of Infinity Chapter 23 will come out soon. It generally releases after a week. However, since January 24, 2023, there has been no release.

Where to read Infinite Mage Chapter 23? 

If you are intrigued by the storyline of Infinite Mage, you should check the official website, kakaopage, for further updates or previous chapters. If mangas and manhwas are your types, give the classic One Piece a try. The titular character Monkey D. Luffy gains a fun rubber power. He is on a quest to become a pirate king. Jovial and exciting characters who face fun challenges and a rich and imaginative set are what you can expect from One Piece. A fun adventure with nuanced characters and strong arcs is what One Piece is known for. 

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