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Preview and Recap: All Rise Season 2 Episode 9

Preview and Recap: All Rise Season 2 Episode 9

All Rise is a courthouse drama that follows the lives of judges, public defenders, and prosecutors. And how they live their chaotic yet hopeful lives in the midst of all the absurdity that is brought forth by the courthouse. They work alongside other forces of law enforcement to bring justice to the people of Los Angeles. Among them is the protagonist, Lola Carmichael who is a newly appointed judge. She is a highly regarded deputy district attorney who intends to bring forth justice. And for that, she does not sit back and instead pushes the boundaries while leaning and challenging her expectations as a judge.

All Rise Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Preview and Recap: All Rise Season 2 Episode 9

Lola on Maternity leave.

All Rise Season 2 Episode 8 titles “Bette Davis Eyes” see Judge Laski presiding over Lola’s courtroom, 802 while she was on maternity leave. There were a few cutbacks that required the judges to start saving. And Judge Benner was the one taking all the stress as she had to deal with layoffs and control of the courtrooms. But unfortunately for Lola, Lasky had to stay as there was no one else who could fill her position. But things were to be tense as everyone in Lola’s team hated him due to his style of judgment and behavior.

Meanwhile, Lola plans on coming back to work early in fear of losing the job. But later retracts after she gets advice from her mom. Lastly, Mark steals a deer bust from Lasky’s room as Lola didn’t like it in her office.

Samara Strong Case

Samara Strong, suspected of murdering her husband.

Lasky was to oversee the case of Samara Strong, an eighties Hollywood star. She was accused of murdering her husband over 30 years ago when sufficient evidence couldn’t be found. Strong had then won an award which meant missing within hours of her husband’s death. And everyone believed that was the murder weapon but it was nowhere to be found. But now, it had been dug up by the new homeowners to find her husband’s blood match on it.

Later Mark brings upon Strong’s nanny who had written a book regarding the events. It was read out to hear that Strong killed her husband and her daughter, Kelsey was a witness. So, Kelsey is asked to go to the crime place to remember the events. But Nessa doesn’t approve of it but is later stopped by Lola. As Kelsey now remembered her mother murdering her father, she testifies. And Strong too confesses her crime so as to not hurt her daughter even further. The case is closed.

Preview and Recap: All Rise Season 2 Episode 9

Mark presiding over his case.

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When will Season 2 Episode 8 Release?

From Season 2 Episode 6, we have noticed how Simone Missick’s ‘All Rise’ has had a frustrating scheduling pattern. But, unfortunately, this will continue as episode 9 was rescheduled as well. All Rise Season 2 Episode 9 titled ‘Safe to Fail’ is set to air this Monday on 22nd February 2021. The episode will air at 9 pm ET. Be sure to change the time to your local time zone to watch the episode as soon as it airs. You can watch all the episodes by All Rise on CBS, CTV, and Amazon Prime Video. As for the repeated rescheduling, it could be due to the lack of bulk episodes produced due to COVID-19 restrictions. This can also be noticed in another CBS show, Bull.

All Rise Season 2 Episode 9 Preview

Preview and Recap: All Rise Season 2 Episode 9

Emily defends a young mentally ill man.

All Rise Season 2 Episode 9 titled ‘Safe to Fail’ will follow up with the events of the last episode. After ‘Bette Davis Eyes’, this episode will feature an important case. According to the synopsis, Episode 9 will see a face-off to determine the life of a mentally ill young man. He was brought in front of the court for attacking the hell out of his father. And we will see Emily and Sam work on this case, but not together. This episode is bound to show some very dramatic, intense, emotional, and interesting scenes to the show. As the two will battle against one another to determine what punishment must be given to the culprit in hand. And the involvement of a mentally ill person should definitely bring something interesting even involving the possibility of no punishment.

Elsewhere, Rachel would not be doing well due to financial struggles. Therefore, she looks for some help crashing at Mark and Amy’s place. During this stay, at some point, we will see a little bit of romance between Mark and Rachel as their flame reignites.

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