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Michael Jackson Before And After Pepsi Accident Transformation

Michael Jackson before and after
Michael Jackson, Credits: CNN

Michael Jackson is one of the classic legends in the industry, the things that he has suffered in the industry are a lot, but the fact that most tragic incident that he had to go through was the Pepsi Accident that eventually made him hooked on drugs.

But most of today’s newer generation don’t exactly know what actually happened with Jackson and how the Pepsi Accident was one of the very tragic incidents of his life, which caused a lot many side effects to his health. 

And therefore, this article will give you insights into each and every detail regarding what happened to Michael Jackson and what eventually led him to go through the tragic Pepsi accident that he had to go through. Apart from that, this article will also take a look at some other insights which will, in a direct way, shock or may surprise you regarding Michael Jackson.

michael jackson before and after pepsi accident

Michael Jackson, Credits: Yahoo News

Well, it is no doubt that celebrities always go through accidents and the finals on set, which kinda makes it difficult for them to continue their work, but the tragic incident that happened with Jackson in one percent took his life, leaving very bad results for his health.

Let us take a look at this article in order to take a look regarding what eventually happened with Michael Jackson.

What Happened To Michael Jackson At The Pepsi Accident, His Before And After Transformation

Well, this tragic incident happened when Michael was shooting for the Pepsi commercial. He was dancing at that time when a sudden explosion happened, which eventually left Michael burning his whole head and crashing into the hospital with the deep wounds that he developed from the fire on his head.

The pop star was shooting for his commercial, and therefore even after catching an intense amount of fire on his head, he kept dancing so as to not let his people on the set upset. Thereafter it became a prominent time when his friend actually noticed the fire on his head, and thereafter he was taken immediately to the hospital.

He at that time collapsed and was taken to the hospital when the result came out that a major chunk of his head got burned, and thereafter he had to consume major painkillers to keep his health at peace.

And thereafter this incident took a huge toll on his health, and he had to do hair transparent, his skin was badly burned, he had to undergo major surgeries to look good on the screen, and thereafter had to take the support of several big and heavy painkillers in order to control his pain that the tragic incident left him on his head.

Was Michael Jackson Planning To Marry Princess Diana?

Well, many may not know, but it was huge in the air that Michael was essentially planning to marry Diana and liked and was impressed by her personality of being shy and humanitarian, which Jackson hugely relates with.

Some of Jackson’s bodyguards even, they had confirmed that he wanted to marry Daina after when he met him at his London performance of the Bad Tour that he was having at that time in 1988.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, Credits: Deadline

They even stated that she was just like him, and with the interaction that they both shared on tour, he was quite impressed with her, but on the other side, he also believed that Prince Charles was a bit jealous of their interaction and all of the sweet moment that they also shared at the tour.

Is Michael Jackson Alive?

Believe it or not, the topic is mostly a burning topic to talk about among various media holders. Some believe that Michael is alive and is thus living under rocks to keep his identity and life safe.

Well, some go with the reality, but in terms of whether Jackson is still alive or not, there are some certain and major conspiracy theories on the internet itself that even states and proves that Jackson is actually alive and he faked his death when it was all over the news that he died due to a drug overdose in 2009.

Well, whatever the news is, it’s always important to stick to reality, and if these conspiracy theories are actually telling the truth, then we might be living under some fake and pretend information so far regarding his death.

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